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Release #Spring24

Release #Spring24: We launched a world innovation.

C.r.i.s. is the first virtual hotel collaborator that answers your guests' questions, collaborates with his human colleagues and increases ...
Re:Guest Product Updates: March 2024

Re:Guest Product Updates: March 2024

The difference is in the detail. I have improved myself for you in all areas again and offer you not just seven spring-fresh features, but ...
Release #Summer23

Release #Spring23: Welcome, Re:Guest AI

The whole world 🌏 is talking about ChatGPT - and I know how to use it to your advantage. In addition to that, the release #Summer23 brings ...
Automations as the future of hospitality

Automations as the future of hospitality

I love learning and I’m used to keeping up with the times. Recently, I’ve added something new: I analyse the requests of your guests ...
Release #Spring23

Release #Spring23: The offer that sends itself automatically

Auto Offer is my hottest novelty that will change your life. With Auto Offer I can send out offers automatically. But there’s more to it – ...
Product Updates February 2023

Re:Guest Product Updates: February 2023

I’ve learned new languages and I can address your guest in more personal ways. Aside from that, I’ll present you my friend Carlito: the ...
Product Updates December 2022

Re:Guest Product Updates: December 2022

7 at one blow: with my December innovations, I bring you closer to your guest, always guarantee you a great overview of everything ...
Product Updates September 2022

Re:Guest Product Updates: september 2022

In the hectic world of reception, every little bit helps. We have further improved Re:Guest to make your receptionist's job easier and pave ...
Communication – the key to success

Guest relations – the key to success

Digital communication does not equal impersonal communication. On the contrary: with the right strategy, solid guest relations can be built ...
Release #Summer22

Release #Summer22:
Speed up your reception

The wishes of our customers, which we have directly transformed into two major innovations, several small optimisations and one goal: more ...
Product Updates May 2022

Re:Guest Product Updates: may 2022

May makes everything new. In the spring months, our Re:Guest developers have focused on data, statistics and sales campaigns. The result? ...
Product Updates Mar 2022

Re:Guest Product Updates: march 2022

Re:Guest not only allows you to design and personalise your newsletters quickly and easily. The software also takes care of all the details ...
Re:Guest News April 2021

Re:Guest Product Updates: April 2021

Over the last few months we have received a lot of feedback and have been constantly working on features and improvements to make your ...
Re:Guest News: August 2020

Re:Guest Product Updates: August 2020

Also in August some new features were implemented to improve Re:Guest continuously and to support you better in selling rooms.
Re:Guest News: July 2020

Re:Guest Product Updates: July 2020

We have been working on the many new features of Auto Reception over the last few months to give you the best possible support when you ...
Re:Guest News: March 2020

Re:Guest Product Updates: March 2020

Despite the current difficult situation, we continue to work in our Home Office to improve your Re:Guest continuously.
Re:Guest News: February 2020

Re:Guest Product Updates: February 2020

We are already working hard on the next release. Nevertheless there are continuous improvements on your Re:Guest in February.
Re:Guest News: January 2020

Re:Guest Product Updates: January 2020

The new year begins with new features. Also in January we worked on continuous improvements in your Re:Guest.
Product improvements December 2019

Re:Guest Product Updates: December 2019

Also in December some new features were implemented to improve Re:Guest continuously and to support you better in selling rooms.
Product innovations October 2019

Re:Guest Product Updates: October 2019

In this series of articles, we want to show you in a transparent way how Re:Guest is evolving and what new features are on offer for you ...