Re:Guest Product Updates: may 2022

Continuous improvements to your Re:Guest

May makes everything new. In the spring months, our Re:Guest developers have focused on data, statistics and sales campaigns. The result? Increased new sales potentials, but no extra effort.

Know your guests. Know your numbers.

New newsletter design element

Thanks to the latest new design element you can now design newsletters with Sales Campaigns in even more diverse ways. It’s informative and at the same time emotional and persuasive. The reason why it’s called “Information with image” element is simple: it’s a combination of text, image and a persuasive CTA button. Your advantage: You only have to select the right words, insert an emotional image and convincing CTAs - and you will attract attention and convince guests much more easily.

Clean contact list: Reduction of hard bounces

Hard bounces can be classified as any errors that prevent a mail from being delivered to its recipient. Or in other words: things that make it impossible for you to send emails to a certain recipient. Preventing hard bounces is essential to a clean, up-to-date, and active contact database. With Sales Campaigns, your hard bounce list gets constantly updated. It allows you to intervene, clean up your list and reduce hard bounces with each send.

Conversion rate: full control

If you are not able to measure the results of your sales campaigns, you can't improve them. That is why we work every day to provide you with increasingly precise and reliable reports. With Sales Campaigns, you have an overview of all the conversions generated. You know exactly which campaign led to which bookings and sales, regardless of whether they were made by phone, email or via the website and thanks to the new advanced filters you can choose the basic values for the calculation of your conversion statistics.

Conversion statistics by guest type

Re:Guest not only informs you in detail about the number and origin of your conversions. These are also broken down by guest type. You can see exactly which of your campaigns have generated bookings from new or regular guests. This information is not only of interest to you, but can also help you to plan future sales promotions and campaigns. The more data you collect, the better your segmentation will be for further campaigns.

Newsletter sign-up with auto profiling

You can only build a lasting bond with your recipients if your newsletters are engaging and relevant. The catch: It is well known that tastes and interests differ. How is it then possible to respond to these individually? Sales Campaigns has the solution, because the guests are offered the possibility to indicate their interests (summer or winter holidays, news, special offers...). All you need to do is define the various selection options via the backend. Then, your guest defines his or her preferences directly while signing up for the newsletter.

Would you like to find out what else Sales Campaigns can do? But most importantly: why you can increase your sales by up to 80 times?

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