Sending offers via e-mail 📬 is out.

An enquiry comes in. I automatically create a website for the offer. Tailored to the wishes of the guest. Looks crisp, works at a rate of knots, reaches the heart 💘, and brings good results.
The offer website

Love at first sight

I don’t just present your offer one way or another, but on its own website. You can customize it with various multimedia content – perfectly tailored, making that pointer navigate to “book” almost automatically. And just in case anyone is still undecided 🤔 I’m never short of additional booking incentives to turn the situation around and persuade them.
Emotional appeal

Hard to resist

I know the names and preferences of your guests. That’s why I always call them by their name, and I just show them what really triggers their holiday feelings. Wellness, family, or a hiking holiday 🥾? I have everything ready. And you get to show that you know your guest and their wishes like none other.
Personal style

Always tailored

Me, you, and your guests – we’re all different. Just like my offers, which are never run-of-the-mill, but always tailored ✏️. I personalize all contents, so that they match your guest’s preferences to a tee.
Reception staff

Show your face

You won’t convince anyone through machine communication. With my Messenger, it’s a whole other story. Every receptionist can use it to show themselves in person and greet 👋 the guest with a smiling picture of themselves: face-to-face, just how it’s done.
Unique selling points

Emphasize your strengths

I just show your best sides. In my offers, I shine a spotlight on your strengths 💪🏼 and set the scene with images, videos, different content blocks and customizable design elements.
Insights into a style of living

Set the scene for your rooms

Your guest is intrigued, but his time 🕰️ is limited. In the offer, I give him exclusive insights into your room selection, with XXL-images, videos and 360° layouts. Trust me: Their imagination will run wild as they are still sitting and looking at their screen.
Offer options

One offer, many options

One-size-fits-all doesn’t work for offers – just like there is no stereotypical kind of guest. That’s why I give you different options for your offers, where you can easily and quickly find the right one each time.
Motivational triggers

Buying incentives to freshen things up

“See our special prize.” “Just one room left.” “Discover offers.” Words that make a difference. You can employ targeted motivational triggers to entice your guest and get him to book.
Text blocks

There’s nothing faster

Having to explain the same things twice is annoying 🥱, and with Re:Guest you never have to do that again. There are predefined answers in several languages for e-mails and chat messages. You can define them yourself and insert them in seconds.
Multi offers

Multiple offers with one single click

Does that sound familiar to you? It’s high season 🎄 and you’re getting multiple enquiries for the same time period. Replying to all of them individually? As if! Using Multi Offers, you can filter out similar or identical enquiries, formulate a standardized rejection or reply with an offer and send them back to everyone with just one click. Phew, what a relief.

No stumbling blocks: These features solve everything!

You will love them: My features have been developed to solve day-to-day problems without unnecessary delays. No matter if they concern your guest or your reception team.

Online payment

Your guest can use various online payment methods to pay his bill.

Rate system

I allow your guests to select a rate from the offer themselves.

Waiting lists

You can create waiting lists and respond immediately if there are any cancellations.

Live Translator

Communicate effortlessly, thanks to an automated translation feature for 6 languages.


You can manage your hotel group or several hotels all at the same time.


I present your rooms and services in an attractive way and increase MICE sales.

CSA certificate

I reduce the risk of spam to a minimum and increase the open rate

Find out more:

This is how you can improve room sales even more.


It’s only with me that you can communicate with your guests directly in WhatsApp 💬. This way, you are even closer to them – and far ahead of your competitors.

Re:Guest Messenger

The offer determines your sales success. And so does communication with your guest 🙋‍♂️.

Re:Guest AI

Thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) of Re:Guest, the chat replies to guest messages by itself and even writes newsletters and translations. 🪄