Attention, number geniuses: I love to deliver data 📊.

Who sells the most at the reception desk? Which offer templates are a success? Which ones aren’t? What’s going on with the newsletters? Why didn’t Franz book? The truth lies in the numbers 💸. And you will have those.
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Everything at a glance

Leaving you in the dark? I would never do that. I continuously inform you about your results from different perspectives. Fast, precise, simple, and always in real time.

Know your numbers

Detailed offer analysis

Pssst. I will tell you how well your offers are performing: in terms of opening and interaction rate, inquiry periods and time passed between inquiry and booking.

Bookings by arrival period

With me, it’s always about the one thing: the booking. And when I tell you about that, I don’t leave out any details. I will spill the beans about everything, including the exact conversion rate and the achieved turnover.

Newsletter conversions

Everything under control? Yup. I will show you how many inquiries, booking confirmations and how much turnover your newsletters generate. This way, you can constantly better yourself, feed me with more data and become a real selling professional.

Analyses for hotel groups

Group date… Erm… Data! If you want me to, I will filter all my analyses by hotel group or individual hotels. That way, you can quickly make meaningful comparisons.

Reports by employee

Who’s really good at it: Matt or Emily? I assess the performance of your employees, so that you can better evaluate reception work.

Smarter Analytics.
Smarter Sales.

Data in black and white. Still the best basis for making decisions. Through my Insights, I provide you with real insider knowledge about your guests and their behavior.You become smarter, and so do your sales.

Sales success made easy

Guest acquisition

I group inquiries, bookings, and interactions by country of origin. You can easily see which digital channel brings you the most bookings. Is it direct traffic, traffic from search engines, social media, or your newsletter? Awesome, right?

Postseller campaigns

Selling rooms via telephone? That’s great. But sometimes you gotta help it along with some campaigns. I analyze your postseller campaigns based on your inquiry and booking rates, so that you can optimize them on an ongoing basis.


Only my messenger can be integrated into your website. And he’s not only there to chat. He provides you with important data on the behavior of your guests, differentiating even between new and regular guests. For example, I can evaluate how well the website chat is received by your users.

Auto Selection

Look after your guests, not me. I can sell by myself 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. My insights generated from the automated sales campaigns will provide you with valuable information. What for? Well, for your room sales of course!

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This is how you can improve room sales even more.


Offers that make your heart 💓 beat faster: With me, every offer is tailor-made.

Re:Guest AI

Thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) of Re:Guest, the chat replies to guest messages by itself and even writes newsletters and translations. 🪄