Evaluate. Optimise.

If you stop getting better, you stop being good: use Re:Guest analyses and become a high-flyer.

Everything at a glance

Re:Guest informs you of your results continuously and from different perspectives. Fast, precise, comprehensive and always in real time.
Know your numbers

Know your numbers 

Detailed offer analysis

Find out how well your offers perform: in terms of open and interaction rates, request periods and the time between a request and an effective booking.

Bookings by arrival period

With Re:Guest, everything revolves around the booking. This analysis will provide you with details about your bookings and the additional value added in terms of conversions and revenue.

Newsletter conversions

With Re:Guest, you have all the results of your newsletter campaigns under control. You see how many inquiries, booking confirmations and how much revenue you generate.  With this data, Re:Guest gives you all the tools you need to create better performing newsletters.

Analysis for hotel groups

Re:Guest allows you to display all analyses filtered by hotel group or individual hotels. So you can quickly make meaningful comparisons.

Reports by employee

Re:Guest provides you with useful analyses for individual employee performance so that you can better assess reception work.  

Smarter analytics.
Smarter sales.

If you have data available in black and white, it’s easier to make decisions. Re:Guest Insights provides you with valuable information about your guests and their behaviour.

You’ll be smarter, and your sales will be too. 
Sell more, work less

Sell more, work less 

Guest acquisition

Re:Guest organises enquiries, bookings and interactions by the channel they come from. You can easily see which digital channel brings you the most bookings, such as direct traffic, traffic from search engines, social media or newsletters.

Postseller campaigns

Rooms are increasingly being sold through specialist marketing campaigns. Based on your request and booking rates, Re:Guest analyses your postseller campaigns so that you can optimise them on an ongoing basis. 


Only Re:Guest’s Messenger can be integrated into your website. Important data on the behaviour of your guests can be derived from this, whereby Re:Guest differentiates between new and regular guests. As an example, you can see how well the added convenience of the website chat is received by your guests users.

Auto Selection

Re:Guest can sell by itself 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The insights from the automated sales campaigns provide you with valuable information and allow you to use unexpected potential in room sales.

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Exciting offers: with Re:Guest, you’re creating each offer made-to-measure.


Do you want to generate more sales without making any further efforts? Check out our Multi PreStay mailings which allow you to sell additional services even before your guests arrive. 


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