Re:Guest Product Updates: February 2023

Continuous improvements to your Re:Guest

I’ve learned new languages and I can address your guest in more personal ways. Aside from that, I’ll present you my friend Carlito: the Digital Concierge.

Update #1 - New platform languages: Spanish and Romanian

I’ve learned to speak even more languages. Apart from English, German, Italian, Russian, French, and Dutch, I can now communicate in Spanish and Romanian as well. Two other languages will follow shortly. Additionally, the Romanian leu is now available as a new currency 💱.

Update #2 - Formal and informal addresses in the Live Translator

I can now use informal addresses, too. My Live Translator translates chat messages, blocks of text in your offers, newsletters, and any other content into an informal or formal style. For each guest and message, you can decide which style you want me to use.

That’s how it works:

  1. Click on “Live Translator” (in the Messenger, click on the chat 💬 icon in the toolbar)
  2. Choose the target language for your translation
  3. Choose how you want me to address your guest: formally or informally

Update #3 – Enhanced signature

I help you to communicate even more personally with your guest. From now on, each sender (receptionist) can use a personal signature with their 🧑‍🦰 picture, position, signature, and a short greeting at the end. This so-called “enhanced signature” is available as an alternative to the standard signature for all communications.

Update #4 – New addition to the marketplace

Re:Guest is as official reseller of Carlito🤖. Because I work even better when you combine me with other apps and tools.


My buddy Carlito is a Digital Concierge app.

He digitalizes the booking process for additional services at the hotel and the management of all information surrounding the hotel. Carlito and I are as thick as thieves. When you receive a message by a guest in the Carlito chat, you can see it in the Messenger in my backend as well – just like the messages I receive directly through my chat.

Additionally, Carlito offers these to your guest:

  1. all kinds of useful information about your hotel (such as opening hours) and the environs (events, sights, restaurants & bars etc.)
  2. flexibility on cleaning preferences (your guest can decide how often they want their room to be cleaned
  3. helping you save time and be more sustainable) -digital purchases at the hotel shop, breakfast and bar orders (for you that means more additional sales!)
  4. Latest new: the new feature ❤️‍🔥 “Bookito”, that allows your guest to book trips and activities in your weekly programme and more digitally.

Would you like to get to know Carlito better? 👉 Book your free demo now – Dario will present him to you.

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