After the departure is before the arrival ⛱️.

Since I know almost everything about your guest, I keep him hooked even after departure. And I approach him expertly. With the right message at the right time. They are coming back, trust me!
Sales Automation by Re:Guest


The future is often closer than you think. I am already a good three steps ahead and revolutionizing room sales as we speak.
Booking behavior

Finally use your wealth of data

You know it anyway. I save your guests’ booking behavior: request and staying period, number of people, preferences, room selection and much more. Using all this information, I create profiles that help you address your guests in a targeted way. Aaand make them want to stay at your place very badly, thanks to tailored incentives.
Automation logic

Sell based on clear rules

It’s true, I can do a lot of things on my own, but hey: Even I have to follow some rules. You can use the many configuration options to direct me, help me operate better and integrate seamlessly into your reception team.
Control & Analytics

Visibly better – the dashboard proves it!

I don’t need a seat at the reception desk, but I still leave my yellow traces everywhere I go. You can track them on dashboards and reports showing you all the measures already implemented as well as those planned, and all your achieved successes and goals. I give you performance, but never without control!

The right timing leads to success

Nobody likes mass e-mails. Thanks to Sales Automation, you will no longer annoy your guest: You will contact them with the right message at the right time and using the right channel. They will thank you for it – all while you will improve your sales success!

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This is how you can improve room sales even more.


It’s only with me that you can communicate with your guests directly in WhatsApp 💬. This way, you are even closer to them – and far ahead of your competitors.

Re:Guest AI

Thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) of Re:Guest, the chat replies to guest messages by itself and even writes newsletters and translations. 🪄

Sales Cycle Package

The Sales Cycle Package promises emotion for your guests and more sales for you! Recommended for leisure hotels ⛱️.