The future is often closer than you think. In fact, I am always three steps ahead and my room sales processes are the most revolutionary. From today, I create and send offers automatically. Good for you, for your receptionists and for your sales.
Booking behavior

Finally use your wealth of data

You know it anyway, but I’m happy to repeat myself: I save your guests’ booking behavior – inquiry and staying period, number of people, preferences, room selection and much more. I use this information to answer inquiries automatically. This means: An inquiry arrives, I analyze it, prepare an offer, and send it. Don’t worry, your reception team won’t be stuck twirling their thumbs. But you can easily leave 9 out of 10 inquiries to me. I don’t only know your guests very well, I’m also quite fast. And the faster an inquiry is answered, the more likely it is to lead to a booking. I am faster than your competition can click – take that!
Automation logic

Sell based on clear rules

It’s true, I can do a lot on my own, but hey: Even I have to follow some rules. You can direct me with many configuration options and help operate better and integrate seamlessly into your reception team. You will hardly be able to distinguish my automatically created offers from those created manually by your employees – you can bet on it! Well, I am just unique. The most loyal and diligent employee you’ve ever had.
Control & Analytics

Visibly better – the dashboard proves it!

I don’t need a seat at your reception desk, but I still leave my yellow traces everywhere I go. In order for you to track them, my dashboard and reports will always show you any implemented and planned measures, your successes and achieved goals. I give you – automatically – all the performance, but never without control! Come on, let’s less.


Save on staff, which no one can find anyway, at the moment… Let Re:Guest do it! I support you everywhere I can, and that’s good for you, your reception, and the guest. Win-win-win.

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This is how you can improve room sales even more.


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