I really don’t like monotony and old fashioned features 🥱.

That’s why I always have something new to offer: Discover more about trends, tips, and my newest functions.
Exposition calendar 2023: Here I am

Exposition calendar 2023: Here I am

… or three, four, five times! In the new year, you have plenty of opportunities to meet me. As per usual, you can find me and my gang on the most important expositions and hospitality events. I’m sure there’s one close to you – check it out.
Product Updates December 2022

Re:Guest Product Updates: December 2022

7 at one blow: with my December innovations, I bring you closer to your guest, always guarantee you a great overview of everything happening in your backend, as well as additional options in relation to Carlito, Apaleo, CapCorn and ASA.
Yellow is the new pink

Meet me. The „new“ Re:Guest at the ‘Hotel Bolzano’.

New color, new feature and tons of fun. Let's go!
Product Updates September 2022

Re:Guest Product Updates: september 2022

In the hectic world of reception, every little bit helps. We have further improved Re:Guest to make your receptionist's job easier and pave the way for more sales.
Communication – the key to success

Guest relations – the key to success

Digital communication does not equal impersonal communication. On the contrary: with the right strategy, solid guest relations can be built and automatically lead to more direct bookings.
Release #Summer22

Release #Summer22:
Speed up your reception

The wishes of our customers, which we have directly transformed into two major innovations, several small optimisations and one goal: more emotion for the guest, more time for you!
From newsletters to bookings: the guide

From newsletters to bookings: the guide

Download our free guide and learn how to make use of newsletters to build and strengthen relationships with your guests. The result will be that you maximise your bookings and additional sales.
Product Updates May 2022

Re:Guest Product Updates: may 2022

May makes everything new. In the spring months, our Re:Guest developers have focused on data, statistics and sales campaigns. The result? Increased new sales potentials, but no extra effort.
Are your newsletters not selling?

Are your newsletters not selling?

There are many reasons why hotel newsletters do not convert as well as hoteliers would like. But there is only one solution that solves them all: the right newsletter tool. With our free checklist, you will discover which crucial functions your newsletter tool is missing.
Expos & Events 2022: Let’s meet

Expos & events 2022: let’s meet

The tourism industry is evolving and, as always, we are keeping pace. Here's where you can meet Re:Guest in 2022. Discover the latest hospitality trends and learn how to take your hotel sales to the next level.
Product Updates Mar 2022

Re:Guest Product Updates: march 2022

Re:Guest not only allows you to design and personalise your newsletters quickly and easily. The software also takes care of all the details around, making everyday tasks easier and improving your sales. Discover all the new features!
Release #Autumn21

Release #Autumn21:
the Newsletter revolution.

For decades, little has changed in the world of hotel Newsletters. Our Release #Autumn21 revolutionizes outmoded Newsletter marketing and clears the way for even more sales success. 
Finally “offline“: the expos 2021

Finally “offline“:
the expos 2021

They're back! The big tourism expos are allowed to go offline again and to inspire in a very personal way. Are you curious where you can meet us? 

Release #Summer21:<br>Our Butterfly Effect

Release #Summer21:
Our Butterfly Effect

Over the past few months, we have observed Re:Guest through the lens of the feedback we’ve received. The result has a name: Release #Summer21. 
Re:Guest News April 2021

Re:Guest Product Updates: April 2021

Over the last few months we have received a lot of feedback and have been constantly working on features and improvements to make your Re:Guest even better.
Release #Autumn 20:<br>New features. New chances.

Release #Autumn 20:
New features. New chances. 

With Re:Guest you always have a card up your sleeve. The most sophisticated sales software for hosts keeps developing with your needs. Our release #Autumn20 not only brings optimised functions, but also new upselling features, WhatsApp communication and much more.

From expo to expo, from country to country

From expo to expo,
from country to country

Re:Guest never stops. We’re on tour again in Italy, Germany and Austria to present our software for High Sales and High Fun at the most important hospitality expos. Don’t miss the first news on our release #Autumn20. See you soon!

Re:Guest News: August 2020

Re:Guest Product Updates: August 2020

Also in August some new features were implemented to improve Re:Guest continuously and to support you better in selling rooms.
Release #Summer20

Release #Summer20:

Eagerly awaited. And now finally here.  


As a rule, summer is the high season when it comes to travelling. This year, the incoming rush of guests may be smaller in certain places, but it is all the more important to continue winning people over with safety and service. Despite strict regulations and personal protective measures, this does not necessarily mean either more time or work. The Re:Guest Release #Summer20 takes care of this. Whether it’s contactless check-in and check-out, the digital guest folder or new backend functions: We’ll get you ready for summer, a special holiday season and everything else the future may bring. 
Re:Guest News: July 2020

Re:Guest Product Updates: July 2020

We have been working on the many new features of Auto Reception over the last few months to give you the best possible support when you reopen. Nevertheless there are continuous improvements in your Re:Guest.
Release #Spring20


Release #Spring20:
We won’t stop! 

At the moment, nothing is as it was, and the crisis is hitting tourism particularly hard. Nevertheless, or rather because of that, Re:Guest won’t stop. We’ve just introduced some brand-new features! You can use some of them already today, and save all the others for the new holiday season – it will come for sure and with the new features you are more than prepared for it! 

Re:Guest News: March 2020

Re:Guest Product Updates: March 2020

Despite the current difficult situation, we continue to work in our Home Office to improve your Re:Guest continuously.
Re:Guest News: February 2020

Re:Guest Product Updates: February 2020

We are already working hard on the next release. Nevertheless there are continuous improvements on your Re:Guest in February.
Re:Guest News: January 2020

Re:Guest Product Updates: January 2020

The new year begins with new features. Also in January we worked on continuous improvements in your Re:Guest.
Product improvements December 2019

Re:Guest Product Updates: December 2019

Also in December some new features were implemented to improve Re:Guest continuously and to support you better in selling rooms.
WOW! The Release #Winter20

WOW! The Release #Winter20

Re:Guest has now arrived in the age of sales automation! A new intelligence enables the software to profile each guest, to address them in a personalized way and to provide them with sales messages made to measure. In addition, there is a fresh look and a usability that makes work even easier for your receptionists. Let's go!

Hotel Bolzano 2019

Happy Birthday Re:Guest

Re:Guest at the hotel in Bolzano – we haven’t had this for a long time! It made the appearance all the more exciting. High performance – typical Re:Guest!
Product innovations October 2019

Re:Guest Product Updates: October 2019

In this series of articles, we want to show you in a transparent way how Re:Guest is evolving and what new features are on offer for you from month to month to enable you to constantly improve your room sales.