Re:Guest Product Updates: October 2023

Continuous improvements to your Re:Guest

I offer you new data for optimizing newsletter campaigns, additional filters for Multiproperty hotels, and even more personalized automatic offers. Are you in?

Revenue per Recipient: New KPI in Sales Campaign Statistics

I now measure your Sales Campaign success even more precisely. In the statistics, you can see how much revenue you've generated per recipient. The figure is derived from the total revenue of your newsletter campaign divided by the number of recipients. You can also filter by channel (email or WhatsApp). Not many newsletter tools can provide you with such precise data. With me, you have your numbers in black and white, know what worked well, and where there is room for improvement. #SellMore

Knowing the revenue per recipient is important because:
  • You can measure the effectiveness of a campaign and the ROI of your newsletter tool.
  • You can adapt your newsletter marketing strategy based on which offers, themes, and mailing lists performed best (based on real data).
The update is available only for Re:Guest Sales Campaigns users. The activation is free and automatic.

New Multiproperty Filters (Auto Offer/Sales Campaigns)

For those using me in Multiproperty mode, there are two new filters.

  • In Sales Campaigns, you can specify that a newsletter campaign is sent only to recipients who have inquired about or booked a specific hotel in your hotel group.
  • In Auto Offer, it's now possible to filter and segment workflows by hotel. This streamlines organization and execution.

The activation is free and automatic.

New Data in Auto Offer: For Even More Personalized Automatic Offers

My automatic offers become even more personalized. I now consider two additional pieces of information when creating and sending automatic offers:

  • The maximum number of guests per room: This enables creating the perfect offer for larger families. Depending on the number and age of guests, family members are correctly assigned to rooms.
  • The code of the requested package/tariff/special offer: Thanks to the API between the website and Re:Guest, data regarding the code of the requested tariff or package is incorporated automatically into Auto Offer.

If I receive a request through the website for a package or special offer, I display the tariff or package code exactly as on the website in the automatically generated Auto Offer.This ensures that requesters receive an offer that matches their requirements 100% without human assistance.

The activation is free and automtic.

Small changes with a big impact

  • My request widget on websites has a new style, making the embedded request form on websites much more attractive. (The activation is free upon request)
  • Automatic transfer of credit card payments to the PMS: If a guest makes a credit card payment in the Re:Guest system, the transaction is directly transferred to the transactions section in the PMS. The update is currently available only for ASA, with more PMS options coming soon. (The activation is free upon request)
  • The position of the hotel logo in email templates can now be changed. It can be positioned not only on the left but also in the center or on the right. You decide! (The activation is free upon request)

WARNING, SPOILER: More Product Updates in November

Surprise... the next release is coming, and it will make you the protagonist! We've worked on cutting-edge new features in the Editor.

Soon, you'll be able to:
  • Undo or repeat your actions
  • Use a wide selection of emojis like on WhatsApp and others
  • Choose from a wide range of colors for text and highlights (you can even use your corporate colors by entering the color code!)
  • Insert placeholders in offer templates.


The new Editor is currently in beta phase. If you want to be among the first to try it out, request the activation of the beta version now. Based on beta user feedback, we'll make the Editor accessible to everyone in November.

If you don't like the new version, you can always revert to the existing one.

Request the beta version of the Editor for free >


Test the Beta version of the new editor now and give us your feedback.

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