Re:Guest Product Updates: August 2020

This was improved on your Re:Guest in August

Also in August some new features were implemented to improve Re:Guest continuously and to support you better in selling rooms.

Advanced settings for your Sales Automation

Do you want to activate Sales Automation only for certain travel periods or deactivate it for travel periods that are already well booked? Now possible with the new Sales Automation settings.

More improvements

Online payments
In addition to the information of the individual transactions, the key data of the credit card (type, expiry date and last 3 digits) are now also displayed in the backend.

Tax number for guests from Italy
If the feature is active, guests from Italy will be asked for their tax number during online payment and online check-in. This allows you to collect all data for the electronic invoice in advance.

IBE import of confirmed bookings
The booking import from the following systems now supports the import of already confirmed bookings, without the need to create an offer in Re:Guest first:
  • Kognitiv
  • Vioma Clearing Station
  • Simple Booking

Direct entry of bookings without price
Via the quick entry mask it is now possible to enter bookings without price, if the feature is active.

Optimisation of the e-mail for booking confirmation
The e-mail for booking confirmation has been extended with Microdata. Thus, all important information of the booking is available for tools such as Gmail Trips and can be interpreted correctly.

Ongoing performance optimisations

Your Re:Guest is now even faster and working is even more fun.

We have implemented interfaces with the following 2 new partners:
  • Welcome Passepartout
  • 5 Stelle PMS
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