WhatsApp makes the difference.

Only Re:Guest gives you the opportunity to be even closer to your guests by communicating with them directly via WhatsApp. Simply unique! 

:Too simple to be true

WhatsApp, the world's most popular app, is now available for your guest communication. We wanted to give you more opportunities to be close to and interact with your guests. It's the most we could do! 
WhatsApp Features

Direct communication via WhatsApp


Your reception can chat with your guests on WhatsApp in real time via Re:Guest.

Emotional messages

All the services offered by WhatsApp are also available to your reception desk. You can address your guests in an emotional way using emojis, files, pictures, audio and much more.

Re:Guest Messenger or WhatsApp chat?

Your guests can decide whether they prefer communication via WhatsApp or in the Re:Guest Messenger.
They will receive all messages sent by Re:Guest (offers, pre- and poststay messages, birthday wishes etc.) on WhatsApp as well.

Integration of existing WhatsApp numbers

If you already use a number for WhatsApp, it can easily be transferred to Re:Guest.
WhatsApp Reception
All roads lead to Re:Guest

All conversations under control

We know that direct guest communication can be really fun. That's why we provide your reception with several communication channels: our Re:Guest Messenger and WhatsApp. 

In order to allow you to communicate efficiently with your guests, all conversations converge centrally in Re:Guest and your staff can easily and automatically talk to your guests using the right channel.

A further advantage: Re:Guest displays all WhatsApp messages arriving at your number in the backend, even if a guest is still unknown to Re:Guest. Then you have the possibility to assign the conversations to a guest from the archive. This way everything remains transparent and clear and you have your conversations under control. 

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