Unleash Extraordinary Intelligence

Imagine being able to converse with French 🥐 guests like a native and enhance their experience at your hotel. Très bien! And not having to be creative under pressure, as I create your newsletters. #justrelax 🧘 And saving even more time ⏱️ at the reception to invest in guest-hotel relationships.

It's possible. With Re:Guest AI, you can do all this and much more.
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The Artificial Intelligence of Re:Guest

Step into the future of hospitality with Re:Guest AI, your new travel companion. In collaboration with OpenAI's ChatGPT 3.5, we're reshaping how you communicate with guests. With the power of artificial 🧠 intelligence, you can effortlessly craft top-notch texts for your newsletters and guest messages, optimize content with a simple click, and achieve impeccable translations. All of this happens in ⏳ seconds.

Maximize 🔓 your potential!

What Artificial Intelligence can do

Swift Text Creation

Re:Guest AI crafts high-quality texts in no time. Define the topic and desired length, and the content is ready.

Linguistic Excellence

Re:Guest AI rectifies grammar and spelling errors. Writing style can be enhanced through ChatGPT integration.

Tailored Length

Text length can be adjusted, shortened or extended, within seconds.

Personal Writing Style

You can effortlessly adjust writing style and tone of voice using Re:Guest AI. You can also simplify words and concepts in a text.

Reliable Translations

Every text element can be translated using Re:Guest AI. Results are almost perfect and continuously improving.

Your Lifelong Companion  👩‍💻

Re:Guest AI is your enduring partner. Thanks to my connection with ChatGPT 3.5 from OpenAI, you have access to an entirely new content assistant, available 24/7. And this is just the beginning; I'll keep you ahead of the curve!
Content Assistant

The Possibilities are Endless

AI works for you everywhere. Re:Guest AI's functionalities are integrated into every text editor, including those in the Messenger 💬 area and in the newsletter in Sales Campaigns. Whenever you spot the "Re:Guest AI" button or the star ✨ symbol, you can activate my smart functions.
Flexibility at Its Peak

Empowerment in Your Hands

Retain control 🎮 Each text created or modified by Re:Guest AI appears in a paragraph below the original text. You choose whether to use the new text as is, selectively adopt parts, or create an entirely fresh piece.
Exclusive Benefits

Your Trusted Companion

Artificial intelligence is your trusted 🐕 resource. Drawing from a vast knowledge base, it ensures precise, informative texts. Enhance productivity even without a copywriter or marketing agency. Save time and money, just like with all my functions.

Future Awaits - AI is Only the Beginning 🛸

The future is knocking, and AI is just the start. Re:Guest AI extends beyond text creation and optimization. We're working on integrating more intelligent features, simplifying and enhancing reception work quality. Get ready; the future is around the corner.

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Sales Cycle Package

The Sales Cycle Package promises emotion for your guests and more sales for you! Recommended for leisure hotels ⛱️.