Performance-based management? Re:Guest makes this possible.How good is it that I want the same thing as you? Namely, to increase your booking rates. No ifs or buts.

:Benefits for management

A professional approach in the accommodation industry requires a high degree of sensitivity. There is often a lack of suitable software and tools.
I have been developed around your needs, with the aim of maximising the benefits to you. 

01 More sales

  • Increase direct bookings and maximise capacity utilisation
  • Improve active sales and close booking gaps
  • Increase the average booking value through targeted upselling in the pre-stay phase
  • Increase the booking rate for regular guests
  • Targeted newsletters thanks to auto-profiled contact lists 
  • Integration of MICE sales
  • No statistics, but analyses for planning new sales campaigns
  • Clear overview of the status of enquiries, offers, bookings, travel insurance, etc.

02 More regular guests

  • Increase the regular guest rate
  • Easier relationship with regular guests

03 More automation

  • Re:Guest carries out all of the operational side of the business for you - good employees are invaluable!
  • Re:Guest does the active selling for you and helps you to save time: the software looks through your guest database, identifies highly relevant target groups and  contacts them with tailored sales messages

04 More quality on reception

  • Meaningful reception work that motivates employees 
  • Control of performance and quality on reception
  • Increase in efficiency for day-to-day work 
  • Time savings when processing enquiries and bookings 

05 More benefits and sustainability

  • Reliable software solution
  • Easy integration into current IT solutions
  • Quick set-up
  • Fair and transparent solution


Why these managers not only use me, but enjoy using me on a daily basis:

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This is how you can improve room sales even more.

Benefits for employees

Reception work needs sensitivity and is varied and dynamic. I supports you in every aspect and always brings you a specific benefit.

Why Re:Guest?

Developed for your success, Re:Guest delivers unparalleled innovation. Boost sales with unique software, creating extraordinary guest experiences.


Listen to the success stories of hoteliers who chose Re:Guest. Their success could be yours.