With my Marketing Cycle, you don't send ordinary newsletters. Instead, you send personalized newsletters that really sell. I use the information from guest profiles, which I continuously store in my Hotel CRM. If you want, I can even work autonomously, basing my actions on past guest activities and bookings. This helps you get more direct bookings, increase your revenue 💸 and reduce your time ⏳.
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Guest retention and sales? I've got it covered. 

With my Marketing Cycle, I send highly personalized, segmented, and, if you wish, even automatic newsletters. My goal: to stay in contact with your guests and bind them using the information collected in the Hotel CRM. And the best part: all this happens quickly 🏃 and smoothly. Thanks to the connection with Re:Guest Intelligence, I also make the work of your reception and marketing teams much easier.
Sales Campanigns
Sales Campaigns Module

Newsletters that bring bookings.

Whether your guest chooses WhatsApp or emails, with me, your newsletter is not a static “letter” but a chat. This is possible thanks to my Re:Guest Messenger. Sales Campaigns allow you to communicate remotely, strengthen the hotel-guest relationship 👫 and turn happy guests into loyal fans. As a result, your bookings increase. Selling can be that simple.
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Auto Selection
Sales Automation Module

Turn data into revenue – automatically.

Sales Automation analyzes your guests' purchase behavior 🛒 daily and identifies the ideal time to motivate them to book. With my information, you reach the right person with the right message at the right time and through the right channel.
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:Most loved features

Features that hoteliers love and make the Marketing Cycle unique

WhatsApp Newsletters

Interact easily with your guests and enjoy open rates of up to 93%. When you connect with your contacts via WhatsApp 🗨️, you increase engagement and conversions like never before.

Automatic Newsletters

I analyze your guests' purchase behavior and automatically send 🤖 targeted newsletters at the right moment, only with topics that interest your guest.

Sending to fill occupancy gaps

I use my Hotel CRM data to send personalized booking suggestions based on historical data 🗂️ and guest purchase behavior. This is unique.


Depending on how the guest interacts with the newsletter, the guest profile data is updated and expanded automatically. Clicks and interactions show the topics, vacation periods, and activities ⛷️ the guest is interested in.

Easy and fast creation

You have access to a library of templates designed to convince recipients to book another stay within a specific period. There are templates for every need and season 🏖️ and for special events.

Text creation and translations

Thanks to the integration of ChatGPT, you can create and translate texts in less than 10 seconds with Sales Campaigns, making the overall newsletter creation much faster and easier.

Guided request form

A request form that looks like a live chat is activated when the guest clicks the request button in the newsletter. The request process feels like it is being guided by a real receptionist 💁‍♂️.


Make future decisions based only on real data and results. I provide you with statistics 📊 on the performance of each individual newsletter, including the generated revenue.

Guest Communication

Call me the best. My Messenger will take your guest communication 🗨️ to the next level. I connect all the channels you and your guests use, regardless of the stage of the guest journey. Together with my Hotel CRM, I am the perfect starting point for more hotel sales and effective marketing.
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:My communication channels: Your guest has the choice.


The website is where your guest spends the most time. Start the conversation with your guest even before the stay, improve the guest experience ⚡, and increase your team's efficiency.
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Of course, I have also integrated the guests' favorite channel into my system. Communication via WhatsApp promises a 12 times higher conversation rate 💸 compared to traditional communication channels.
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I grow with you.

I have a solution whether you manage a unique accommodation facility, a group of hotels, or a large-scale establishment. Choose based on your needs: with Marketing Cycle and Marketing Cycle Enterprise, you'll have everything you need right away to send highly personalized, segmented, and automated newsletters.
Sales Campaigns
From 5,00€ per room per month

  • Re:Guest Messenger 
  • Omnichannel inbox
  • Booking cockpit
  • Newsletter marketing
  • WhatsApp newsletter
  • Data protection compliance
  • Pre-defined templates and models
  • Profiled guest lists
  • Integration of bookings inquiry
  • Automated Multi-Pre-Stay messages
  • Online check-in
  • Automated on-stay messages
  • Digital concierge
  • Online check-out
  • Automated Post-Stay Messages
  • Valutation messages
  • Birthday mailings
  • Anti-spam certificate
  • AI writing assistent
  • Live translating
  • History of guest datas
  • Automated and manuell guest profiling
  • PMS/IBE interface
  • Task assigment to employees and departments
  • Analytics and statistics
Available channels
  • Website Messenger +1,10€
  • WhatsApp +1,10€
Additional modules
  • Offers
  • Upseller +2,25€
  • Auto Offer +3,25€
  • Sales Automation +2,25€
  • CR:IS +1,90€
  • Advanced Security +0,50€
  • MICE
Marketing Cycle
From 7,75 6,75 € per room per month

  • Everything included in the "Starter" package
  • Automated and manuell email marketing according guest desires
  • 2-Factor-Authenticator with Microsoft access
Available channels
  • Website Messenger +1,10€
  • WhatsApp +1,10€
Additional modules
  • Offers +2,25€
  • Upseller +2,25€
  • Auto Offer +3,25€
  • CR:IS +1,90€
  • MICE
Marketing Cycle Enterprise
Price on request

  • Everything included in the "Starter" package
  • Automatic mass sending of booking suggestions based on guest profile
  • 2-Factor-Authenticator with Microsoft access
Available channels
  • Website Messenger
  • WhatsApp
Additional modules
  • Offers
  • Upseller
  • Auto Offer
  • CR:IS
  • MICE

Great alone, unbeatable together.

Guest Communication is the foundation for our Hotel CRM and makes it unique. All our products are already strong on their own, but their true potential is only revealed when you use them together.


All channels in one place: this is how communication that excites and sells works.
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Sales made easy: I take advantage of every revenue opportunity along the guest journey.
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Newsletters with added value: I turn guests into fans and fill occupancy gaps.
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Your first virtual colleague: CR:IS is available 24/7 for your guests.
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