Sell additional services automatically

From now on you can get in contact with your guests more than once before their arrival. Your prestay messages are sent completely automatically at the desired time.

:Valuable anticipation

Staying in touch with your guests before their arrival pays off. With Re:Guest you enable them to book additional services and create a wish list. This way, your guests can take care of everything important already at home and look forward to their time out even more. 


Thanks to upselling function, guests can purchase additional services before their arrival. They make sure that the desired service is available during their travel period, and at the same time you increase your turnover. What is special is that Re:Guest personalises the listed additional services based on the guest profile. In this way, the guest feels that his or her needs are taken seriously, the chances of additional sales increase and customer loyalty is strengthened. 

Wish list 

The wish list consists of a personalisable form that guests receive and fill out in advance. In this way, you signal that you take individual wishes seriously and respond to them. At the same time, Re:Guest uses the answers given for guest profiling and automatically saves information on the preferences, interests and habits of your guests. While they can be sure to find everything as desired upon arrival, you benefit from a perfectly profiled new contact. Win-win! 
Tangible benefits

Tangible benefits 

Multiple prestay messages

You can easily define multiple targeted messages for online check-in and the upselling of additional services and send them automatically at the right time.


Dedicated statistics allow you to analyse the additional sales achieved.

Integrated Messenger service

All Upseller actions are available to the guest in the Messenger immediately after they have received their booking confirmation.

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This is how you can improve room sales even more.


Re:Guest enables a more personalized communication with your guests. Get in touch with them by using WhatsApp! Contact your guests in a modern and emotional way and stand out from your competitors! 

Re:Guest Messenger

The offer determines your sales success. And so does communication with your guest.

City Package

Get more efficiency and more sales success in one package! Recommended for city hotels.