I am smart, charming, and driven by sales 💸.

That is why I will always sell a little bit more to your guest🧴. Your awesome additional services for example. Champagne instead of Prosecco for your guest? Leave it to me!
Upseller by Re:Guest


Why I stay in touch with your guest even before their arrival, you ask? It’s simple. I’ll offer him irresistible additional services and let him create a wish list. I will make both you and your guest happy: By allowing you to easily earn a little extra, and by making them feel like no one takes better care of them than you.


Up + Selling. Those are sales that go UP and beyond of what you expected. I offer your guests additional services even before their arrival. This way they can be sure that their desired massage time slot is still available. Additionally, I only offer services that match the guest profile. Guided tours for outdoorsy Klaus, roses and chocolate for the honeymooners. That’s how smart selling works!


You create the wish list – and your guests fill it out. Early check-in and late check-out? Done. Extra pillows and a crib? Check. A table for 3 at dinner – for your darling and your mother-in-law? All ready. Thanks to my wish list, your guests will find everything as desired. All while I remember their preferences and habits and create perfectly profiled contacts.

Tangible benefits

Multiple Upseller messages

You can easily define multiple targeted messages for the upselling of additional services. I will send them automatically at the right time.


I will present you statistics that allow you to analyse the additional sales achieved.

Integrated Messenger service

All Upseller actions are available to the guest in the Messenger as soon as they have received their booking confirmation.

Find out more:

This is how you can improve room sales even more.

Re:Guest AI

Thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) of Re:Guest, the chat replies to guest messages by itself and even writes newsletters and translations. 🪄

Re:Guest Messenger

The offer determines your sales success. And so does communication with your guest 🙋‍♂️.


Get more efficiency and more sales success 💸, all in one package! Recommended for city hotels.