More than 1000 clients would say, I am much asked for 😎.

But since you still seem to have some minor doubts, I will gladly answer my most asked questions for you. If you can’t find an answer here, just chat with my lovely Sophie 🙋🏻‍♀️.

What are you even able to do?

Sell rooms digitally, create automated offers, do upselling (“Mister Müller, can I offer you a champagne🧴?”), and postselling (“Mister Müller, would you like to book the Sunflower Suite again?), save guest data (“Mrs. Müller is vegan🥦“), send offers via WhatsApp📱, spew out newsletters and to put it short: Simplify your life a lot 🏖️. More on that here.

Are you a software cloud?


What can you do better than your competitors?

Uhmmm, I think you should ask your colleagues that already work with me 😉. More on that here.

Can your content and graphics be personalized?

Yes, of course. You can personalize everything about me easily and quickly: Colors, logos, texts, fonts and images. And in case I’ve forgotten to mention something: You can personalize that, too.

Do you need an interface?

Interfaces are practical, but I also work without. In that case, you have to insert some information manually.

Can I reach your team outside of office hours?

Sure! If it’s urgent, just email my team help@reguest.io

Is your customer service included in the price?

Yes, we’re always there for you.

Favorite question: How much do you cost? 💸

I’ll be honest: I come at a price, but I am also quite valuable. My price varies according to your needs and sales goals. Learn more here.

My property is small, do I even need you?

I am a software for every hotelier that wants to sell more. The size doesn’t matter. If you have less rooms, you even have an advantage: My price is calculated according to the number of rooms, so if you have less, the price is lower!

How much time do I need to create an offer?

Fast, faster, Re:Guest: On average, you need 3 minutes with me.

Can you really spew out offers automatically?

Yeah, sure! My Auto Offer works like this: You receive an inquiry and I write an answer based on the rules and times you set for me. Without you even noticing it, I analyze the inquiry, create the offer and send it.

Does Upselling work automatically, too?

Oh, yes. You just need to set the rules, content and time it should be sent, and I will do it. Lean back and let me sell!

Can I define all additional services myself or are you going to do that?

I am 100% customizable. Obviously, you can define all available additional services yourself.

Can you send newsletters, too?

Absolutely. I can even send them via email AND WhatsApp.

I don’t need everything you offer, just something… Would that work?

Yes. You can have me as a whole package or “bit by bit”. Just like you need it. Discover my packages.

If I say Yes, when will you be active?

It depends on you. The faster you will send me all the documents I need (signed contract, images, texts, logos…), the faster we can get started.

Do I pay monthly or yearly?

Just as you wish, both are possible.