I am your digital room seller 🛏️ of the future. I always have your guest 🧑🏽 on the line. I flirt, communicate 💬, and remember behaviors really well. I sell your house, your room or your car 🚗 to your guest. And I do so happily. How I do it? With an automated, all-around communication, up- and post-selling, the gathering of data and the use of modern communication channels, like WhatsApp.


First, the website: emotional, visual, and enticing. And then: a soberly, static offer 🥱 in email or pdf format. Until not long ago, many guests 🤵‍♂️ experienced this break.

Michael, Stefan and Denis wanted to change this. And my makers are makers. Not long after, I was born as a software; with an emotional, web-based offer display and interactive 💬 guest communication.

Over the years I grew to include numerous Sales Automation functions using the newest technologies. Ta-da: Right now, I am the most comprehensive software solution for High Performance Sales.

Or how I like to put it: the smartest room seller 💸 for your hotel of the future.

And it will stay like this. Because I develop further a little each day. This way, I am and will stay the most innovative product on the market and I secure you the best possible advantage in competition. Trust me 🤖.

This is what I achieve in over 1000 hotels 🏨 in 12 months

1,177,000 direct bookings
16,878,000 overnight stays
€1,881,000,000 in sales
€1,597 average booking value

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This is how you can improve room sales even more.

Re:Guest Sales Cycle®

The patented evolution in hotel sales. I sell your hotel services 24/7, captivating guests at every step. Effortless, emotional, and automated. 🚀


A true virtual employee based on Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, answering guest queries, guiding them to booking requests, and supporting your team. 🌟

The team

Like team, like software: The whole gang 👨🏼‍🔬 is racking their brains over my recipe for success.