Re:Guest Product Updates: December 2022

Continuous improvements to your Re:Guest

7 at one blow: with my December innovations, I bring you closer to your guest, always guarantee you a great overview of everything happening in your backend, as well as additional options in relation to Carlito, Apaleo, CapCorn and ASA.
#1 Social Media icons in the footer in Re:Guest platform

I strengthen the relation between guest and hotel.

One of my December innovations helps you to connect even more with your guest. From now on, you can add icons and links to your social media accounts in the footer of every communication sent through Re:Guest.

In case of a multi-property company (hotel chain or group) you can decide whether you want to add a different account for every hotel or use the hotel group account for all properties.

#2 Personalized salutation in the newsletter subject

I bring personalized newsletters to the next level.

You can now insert the recipient’s name even in the subject. All you need to do is insert the placeholder “salutation” at the start, in the middle or at the end of the subject line. That gives us (for example):“Hey Francesca, great news for you!”

And that’s how you use the personalized salutation in the newsletter subject:
  • Choose the respective campaign or create a new one and click on “edit”.
  • Go to “subject”.
  • Write out your subject line and add the name of the recipient by clicking on the subject text and then on the icon with the closed envelope.
  • Select the salutation in line with your communication style, for example by choosing whether to use the first name or surname of the recipient.

#3 Filtering out offers with failed delivery

I facilitate all kinds of searches.

If an offer fails to send, you’ll always receive a notification. Now you can even filter out all the offers with the status “Offer sending failed”.

That’s how you do it:

  • In the “Proposals” section, click on the filter icon next to the search box.
  • On the drop-down menu “filter”, choose the option “status”.
  • Then, in the drop-down menu “all”, choose the option “Sending failed”.

#4 Translator function for USPs

I also accelerate the set-up process.

The translator function is now available for the USP section, too. We all know that it’s important to show your most valuable assets. And it’s all the more important to communicate them correctly – also to the ones that don’t speak your language.

How to use the translator function for USPs:

  • In the section “settings”, click on “hotel configuration”.
  • Then click on “USP” up above
  • Finally, click on “duplicate and translate” under the section with your USPs.

INFO: The following updates only concern Re:Guest users that use specific PMS, IBEs or other additional software. But looking at them is still worth your while, as what’s not for you today, might be so tomorrow. This way, you can see which options I offer you in connection with different interfaces.

#5 Re:Guest Messenger in the Carlito app

I have a new friend: Carlito.

And an exclusive innovation for everyone that works with me and the app. From now on, the Re:Guest Messenger is also available in the Carlito app. During their stay, your guests can use the chat that they prefer. Your reception, however, will receive all messages in the Re:Guest backend, even if they were sent from the Carlito messenger. In case I haven’t yet registered a guest, I can still identify them by looking at the login data (first name, surname and room number, which they inserted in the Carlito app). All messages that come into your backend through Carlito will be marked “Carlito Web Messenger”, so that your reception team can easily assign them at all times.

#6 Stornopush with Apaleo and CapCorn

I also offer new functions to Apaleo and CapCorn users. From now on, you can manage all bookings through me, from booking confirmations to cancellations. If you annul a booking, it’s not only annulled from the Re:Guest system, but also in your Apaleo or CapCorn.

#7 Synchronization of your contacts with ASA

I forge new paths – together with ASA. For everyone that uses an interface with ASA, there’s great news: Your contacts will be synchronized in both directions between Re:Guest and ASA, including the marketing status. No matter if your contact is new or has existed for some time – you can be sure that it’s always up to date.

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