We developed Re:Guest so that you can sell more. Our aim is to continuously improve the software to offer you the most innovative product on the market, securing the best possible competitive advantage.


Re:Guest is a unique software package for high performance sales that will delight your guests and keep your employees happy. Premium-quality offers from an aesthetic perspective and intelligent communication mechanisms provide your potential guests with an incentive to buy. Effective time and again throughout the entire guest journey!
Guest loyalty
Guest loyalty

Guest loyalty: automatic

Being close, building trust, binding guests. That's what I'm here for. I already recognize your guest on your website, address them personally, and offer them the opportunity to chat and access historical information and bookings directly.

No login required! This is how thoughtful guest loyalty works, making it enjoyable for everyone: you, your staff, and your guest!
Sales automation
Sales automation

Sell: at any time, without having to do anything

With Sales Automation, I'm introducing a virtual employee to your reception for the first time. He contacts your guests at the right time, with the right topic, and a personalized offer.

Et voilà: the number of bookings increases, without you having to do anything!
Messenger & WhatsApp

Communicate: in a modern and effective way

Unlike formal email communication and sporadic messages in the offer, Messenger and WhatsApp allow for uncomplicated interaction with your guest at any time.

Communicating with me is contemporary. Your guest will appreciate that too.
Booking cockpit
Booking cockpit

Amaze: your guest will be surprised

The booking cockpit is a central place in my messenger where all communications, documents, and bookings of your guest are stored. Sign-in happens automatically, your guest is always addressed personally, and keeps an ongoing overview.

This is how I elevate guest communication and booking enhancement to the next level!
Guest journey
Guest journey

Tempt your guests as you guide them: across all contact points

Those who don engaged the guest risk losing him. With me and the practical messenger, you stay connected with your guest beyond their stay. Across all digital touchpoints and effortlessly!

Moreover, your communication remains consistent: always emotional, always fast, and always automated.

Add the personal touch: just like your guests want

I automatically profile your guests. At every touchpoint, from the website to the offer to intelligent email delivery, your guest is addressed personally.

This feels authentic and leaves the impression of being a true VIP.

Understanding: I know what you need

Everything I can do promotes your room sales, and all my modules seamlessly integrate with each other. The result: more sales along the entire guest journey as well as countless opportunities to customize me to your needs.

Sell more, sell easier - with me, it's a success!

Typical Re:Guest!
Even more benefits 

Everything from one source

Consistent guest experience

When you show character, your guest remembers you. I ensure a unique and consistent presence across all touchpoints of the guest journey. From the website to the offer to the messenger, everything is coherent, harmonious, and tailored to your style. Your guests will love it!

You will never have seen software like it

Re:Guest motivates you and your employees to sell more and break work records.

Find out more:

This is how you can improve room sales even more.

Benefits for employees

Reception work needs sensitivity and is varied and dynamic. I supports you in every aspect and always brings you a specific benefit.

Benefits for management

Performance-based management is possible. Let my benefits sink in.


Listen to the success stories of hoteliers who chose Re:Guest. Their success could be yours.