I was born high up in the mountains 🏔️, where competition in the hotel business is at least as fierce as in the city. Good hotels 🏩 trust in me. Because personalized and automated communication with the guest always works. For more sales, less work and less staff at the reception 💸.
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My secret is 16 letters: RE:GUEST MESSENGER. Thanks to my Messenger, I can be with your guest every step of the way on the Guest Journey, from booking to check-out and beyond. Wow! That’s how you easily elevate your hotel sales to the next level. And: Absolutely no pain in the a**, since I am quickly and easily integrated thanks to many interfaces.

Sell more in 9 steps

What I can do? A lot. I facilitate your work and communication, bring you to peak performance and most notably: let you sell more. That’s how it works:
Step 01

Smooth Data Import

Interface instead of facing problems! With me, you can easily import booking data from other systems. I integrate quickly and easily into your system.
Step 02

Pre-Stay Upselling

I already message your guest before their arrival. Why? It’s simple: To entice them to book additional services. I choose which ones to offer them based on my automatically generated guest profile.
Step 03

Wish List as a Service Plus

Before your guest comes to visit, I can send them an automated wish list. This way, they can tell you beforehand, what wishes and preferences they have - like dietary habits or room make-up. No need to grumble afterwards. They will like it, I’m sure.
Step 04

No Open Questions

Any questions? Your guests can contact your reception team anytime via messenger and WhatsApp. Formal email correspondence? Ugh, totally old school. Better to use a direct, simple, and informal style of communication via messenger and WhatsApp. Communicating is just as easy for your guest as it is for you reception team.
Step 05

Online Check-in

In the pre-stay phase, I become a real gentleman. During the online check-in, I ask for all the important data of your guest and their fellow travelers even before departure. I let them upload all the travel documents for themselves and their companions before their arrival and let them accept the house rules. All done, all easy!
Step 06

Digital Concierge

It’s showtime! On their day of arrival, I greet your guests with a welcome email and give them access to their Digital Concierge. This guest folder will inform them about everything important during their stay: From the weather forecast, through excursion tips, to information about internal and external services. A run to the reception? Unnecessary.
Step 07

Online Check-out

Say what? Already our last day? When it’s time to say farewell, I contact your guest and instruct him on how to conveniently pay his bills online… And again, I saved you some work!
Step 08

More Post-Stay Sales

After the stay is before the next! Thanks to Sales Automation, I don’t save on personalized booking incentives even after your guest’s departure. They only receive sales messages that match their profile. More conversions guaranteed.
Step 09

Revolutionary Newsletters

Using my module Sales Campaigns, you can generate newsletters with just a few clicks. You personalize them based on the guest profile and thereby increase the chance of a new booking. The guest can choose their preferred channel themselves (email or WhatsApp). And: The risk of landing in spam is reduced by almost 100% thanks to a CSA certificate. Go figure!

Boost your sales revenue!

Knowledge as the starting point for sales success: That’s what makes my Hotel CRM so extraordinary. Get my products and I promise you: you'll never miss a sales opportunity again.

Automated guest profiling

I’m quite savvy. I remember every click, every booking and every information given by your guest in my CRM. Then I create guest profiles based on these data, which you can use for guest management and personalized sales campaigns.
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Numbers and data at your fingertips

I’m an open book. My analyses and statistics tell you everything about past and planned actions, results, and improvement options. On the dashboard, you can easily find data on opening and booking rates, travel periods, new and regular guests, the performance of your reception staff and much more.
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Interfaces and marketplace

With me, your data stream flows smoothly. I connect easily and happily with your hotel management program or your IBE. This means you can import important data and information with just one click, while saving time and energy.
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This is how you can improve room sales even more.

Re:Guest Sales Cycle®

The patented evolution in hotel sales. I sell your hotel services 24/7, captivating guests at every step. Effortless, emotional, and automated. 🚀


A true virtual employee based on Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, answering guest queries, guiding them to booking requests, and supporting your team. 🌟

Why Re:Guest?

Developed for your success, Re:Guest delivers unparalleled innovation. Boost sales with unique software, creating extraordinary guest experiences.