The CRM that turns your data into sales

Your database is full of valuable data that you can turn into bookings and additional sales. All you need are a good CRM system and detailed, organised guest profiles. They form the basis for your communication and marketing campaigns - and with Re:Guest, profiling is completely automatic!  


Databases that are not maintained are useless. This is why your CRM is the key to stable hotel-guest relationships and more sales. Activate the potential of your database by profiling your guests based on their wishes, preferences and habits. Re:Guest makes this easy and even completely automatic. 
COME profila il CRM?

HOW does your CRM profile?

Re:Guests CRM system creates guest profiles based on various criteria. These include age and origin as well as guest status (new or regular), holiday type (family, couple, sport, etc.), dietary habits and interests. Past stays, the request source, the turnover generated and the purchasing power of a guest are also considered to create the profiles.  
CRM: quando

WHEN does your CRM profile?

Re:Guest profiles your contacts at different points in time: when they make a request, confirm an offer, as part of the Upseller actions (booking additional services and completing the wish list) and as part of the Postseller actions (interaction with the newsletters sent via Sales Campaigns).
PERCHE' utilizzare il CRM?

WHY does your CRM profile? 

Your CRM brings you a lot of advantages. Thanks to it, you improve the guest experience, maximise your turnover and strengthen guest loyalty. In addition, you automate many processes, benefit from detailed analyses and launch segmented and targeted marketing campaigns. Re:Guests CRM makes your database the starting point for sending personalised newsletters with Sales Campaigns and for automated sales with Auto Selection. 


Re:Guests CRM makes your sales much more targeted and effective. Without any additional time expenditure. Thanks to "Connect", you can even import data from your PMS and your IBE and use it for profiling. 

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