With me, you need less employees, which no one can find anyway.

Using Automated Workflows, I take on some of the work of your receptionists. And believe me: I am a lot more reliable, faster and more efficient 🦾.
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Using every sales opportunity

A tailored additional offer… How does that sound? I surprise your guest over and over again. And you, with more sales success. In addition, I collect feedback, invite your guests to come again, and I’m so charming, that they will never ever forget about you.

Let’s automate


I save time and attract guests.
Using me, you will only ever need a fraction of your time for email. I promise. I will take on all kinds of recurring tasks. For example, I will follow up on hesitant bookers and believe me: I am really good at persuasion.

Pre-stay emails

I am a tour guide.
Even before your guest arrives, they have already completed the first steps of their guest journey. With automated pre-stay messages, I close the gap between deciding where to go and the actual stay. Your guest is perfectly informed at the right time and ready for additional sales.

Post-stay questionnaires

I use the positive, avoid the negative.
Joe, how would… uhm… how was it? After their stay, it’s your guests’ turn. I kindly remind them to award stars for their stay. If they’re feeling generous, I will invite them onto a review portal. If they aren’t as satisfied (whaaat?) I will ask them to give reasons, which will only be visible for you in a private message.

Happy birthday!

In truth: I have never forgotten a birthday yet.
And using my Birthday Messages, you are guaranteed to earn bonus points. It’s up to you, how you want to design the birthday wishes for your guests. I just make sure they are automatically sent at the right time. High five!

Your virtual employee

Matthew’s online check-in isn’t working. And Mary wants to know when the pool bar is opening. Off to the reception? Nope. Just let my Automated Workflows take care of it. They will help your guest check in and out online and retrieve information autonomously on their smartphone. Through my messenger, they connect your guest to your reception employees. Contactless, at any time. You will never let Matthew and Mery wait, the line at the reception will stay short and you are 100% ready for all your challenges.
Online Check-in

Check-in without stress

Check-in assistant

My check-in assistant will ask for all the important data of your guest and their fellow travelers even before their arrival. The data can be saved as a template and easily accessed for any further stays.

Upload of travel documents

Looking for your passports at the bottom of the suitcase? Not with me. Your guest can upload all their travel documents for themselves and their fellow travelers before their arrival.

Accepting the house rules

Your guest will be asked to accept the house rules during the check-in process. All done, all easy.

Assigning room categories

Further details can also be sorted out before arrival. In case your guest has booked several rooms, they can autonomously assign their fellow travelers to the various room categories, already at the time of booking. Lotte will stay with Jan and Christa with Ludwig. It’s that easy.

All touchless

The C-virus doesn’t stand a chance! Thanks to online check-in, you avoid queues and crowds. You reduce the time spent at the reception, protect your guests, and ensure safety at work.
On-stay messages and digital concierge

Digital welcome

Welcome greeting

It’s showtime! On their day of arrival, I greet your guests with a welcome email and give them access to their Digital Concierge. Igor needs his internet access? Even guests that log in to your wireless network will be greeted by the Digital Concierge.

Digital guest folder

Through my digital guest folder, your guest will be informed about everything important during their stay. This way, they can save themselves a trip to the reception and have all their questions answered via messenger.

Integration of external services (widgets)

How will the weather be? You can supplement my digital guest folder with external info services through widgets. You could include the weather forecast, excursion tips or transport options.

Naturally hygienic

My digital guest folder is practical, handy and conforms to current hygiene standards. Even in post-Covid times.
Online Check-out

Easy check-out

Check-out assistant

Oh no, Joe, it’s time to say goodbye… I automatically contact your guest on the day of departure and give them all the instructions to pay their bills comfortably online.

Paying online

It’s pay time! Your guest can pay their bill online, if they wish.

Different payment systems

I offer payment systems from different providers, like Hogast, Hobex or Nexi. Your guests can use different payment methods.

All touchless

The C-virus doesn’t stand a chance! Thanks to online check-out, you avoid queues and crowds. You reduce the time spent at the reception, protect your guests, and ensure safety at work.


Security and an impeccable guest care. You only get that through my Automated Workflows, which is unique for several reasons:

100% guest-oriented

All features in Automated Workflows are easily operated and tailored to your guest. You offer him a valuable service plus and make him a regular guest.

100% mobile-optimized

From online check-in to my digital guest folder – everything is perfectly fit for small screen sizes. This way, handling me is super easy even on a smartphone.

100% present

My digital concierge assists your guest during his whole stay via messenger. They can retrieve information and contact your reception at any time.

100% intelligent

I recognize and welcome every guest automatically. I deposit all the information meant for them in well-arranged, designated areas in my messenger.

100% tried and tested

My creators are continuously testing my safety, speed, and reliability. So, no worries, I am really good at all things tourism & tech.

100% integration

For Automated Worfklows, you don’t need to do a complicated set-up process or have any pre-existing systems in place. Thanks to various interfaces, you can easily connect it to your PMS.

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Re:Guest AI

Thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) of Re:Guest, the chat replies to guest messages by itself and even writes newsletters and translations. 🪄

Re:Guest Messenger

The offer determines your sales success. And so does communication with your guest 🙋‍♂️.