:Automation ON. Worries OFF.

Re:Guest’s Automated Workflows allow you to pass on everyday tasks to your virtual receptionist and save you a lot of time. Whether it's the day-to-day business at reception, communication before, during or after the guest's stay, whether it's for sales purposes or for seamless guest care: the Automated Workflows support you wherever you need them.

Use every sales opportunity

Automated messages surprise your guest with tailored additional offers and give you more sales success. After your stay, your guest will provide you with feedback and you have the opportunity to invite them to return, helping you to retain customers.
Let's automate

Let's automate

Save time and attract guests

With Re:Guest, you only spend a fraction of the time on e-mails. That’s a promise. The software will take on all aspects of recurring tasks. For example, Re:Guest follows up on hesitant bookers, increasing the chance of completing a booking.

Guest journey – Re:Guest as a tour guide

Even before your guest begins their trip, they have completed the first stages of their guest journey. With automated pre-stay messages, Re:Guest closes the gap between deciding where to go and the stay itself. Your guest is kept well-informed at the right time and prepared for additional sales.

Use the positive, avoid the negative

After their stay, it’s your guest’s turn. An automatic e-mail will ask them to award stars for their stay. If they’re feeling generous, they’ll be invited to a review portal. If they weren’t that satisfied, they will be asked for reasons, which are only visible as a private message to you.

The best for everyone

Who doesn’t like a personal birthday greeting? With Re:Guest Birthday Messages, you’re guaranteed to earn bonus points from all of your guests. The design of the birthday messages is determined in advance and Re:Guest takes care of sending these out automatically.

Your virtual employee

Relieve your reception team and let Re:Guest’s Automated Workflows take over for you. They help your guest to check in and check out online and retrieve information autonomously on their smartphone. They connect your guest and your reception staff via the handy messenger. Anytime and contactless. You reduce waiting times and crowds and are 100% ready for all daily challenges. 
Online Check-in

Online Check-in

Check-in Assistant

The check-in assistant asks for all the important data of your guest and his fellow travellers even before their arrival. The data can be saved as a template and easily retrieved for further stays.

Upload travel documents

Your guest can upload all necessary travel documents for himself and his fellow travellers before his arrival. 

Accept house rules

The guest will also be asked to accept your house rules during the check-in process.

Assign room categories

Further details can also be clarified before arrival. If you book several rooms, your guest can, for example, autonomously assign fellow travellers to the different room categories. 


Thanks to online check-in, you avoid queues and crowds. You reduce the time spent at the reception, protect your guests and ensure safety at work. 
Digital Concierge

Digital Concierge

Welcome salutation

On the day of arrival, your guest will receive a welcome email and access to their Digital Concierge. Guests who log into the internal WLAN will also be guided to the Digital Concierge.

Digital guest folder

The digital guest folder informs your guest about everything important for his stay. This way he can save himself the trip to the reception and at the same time he has the possibility to clarify questions via the messenger.

Integration of external services (widgets)

You can use widgets to supplement your digital guest folder with external information services, such as weather, excursion tips or transport options.


When, if not now: A digital guest folder is practical, hygienic and meets current hygiene standards.
Online Check-out

Check-out online

Pre-Check-out Assistant

Your virtual receptionist will automatically contact your guest on the day of departure and give them all the instructions to pay their bills conveniently online.

Pay invoice online

If desired, your guest can pay his invoice online. 

Different payment systems

You can use payment systems from different providers, such as Hogast, Hobex or Nexi. Your guests can choose between different payment methods. 


With the online checkout you guarantee a smooth departure without waiting times. There are no crowds, you protect your guests and ensure safety at work. 


The Re:Guest Auto Reception is a completely new way of combining security with impeccable guest care. It is unique for several reasons:
100% guest-oriented

100% guest-oriented 

Your guests can chat conveniently with reception staff, during which they receive a perfect, personal response in all languages thanks to the use of predefined text blocks.  
100% mobile optimisation

100% mobile optimisation 

The Messenger is perfectly suited to any screen size. Secure more mobile visitors, more communication and many more enquiries! 
100% present

100% present 

The Messenger is available to guests on the website and landing pages and continues to accompany them through ‘Re:Guest Type’ for offers and in the post-stay phase. 
100% intelligent

100% intelligent 

Each guest is automatically recognised and welcomed. Any information meant specifically for them is stored clearly in the Messenger in designated areas.  
100% tried and tested

100% tried and tested 

The product’s security, speed and reliability were subject to rigorous long-term testing. They are the result of our many years of experience within the tourism industry. 
100% integration

100% integration 

For the Re:Guest Auto Reception, you do not need complex installations or existing systems. 

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