Analyses as
the starting point for
new sales

Re:Guest Insights converts statistics into valuable analyses, which offer deep insights into your sales figures and the behaviour of your guests. The insights become potential that you can use to your  benefit again and again. 

Smarter analytics.
Smarter sales.

If you have data available in black and white, it’s easier to make decisions. Re:Guest Insights provides you with valuable information about your guests and their behaviour.

You’ll be smarter, and your sales will be too. 
after acquisition
Insights from acquisition

Guest behaviour
based on

Re:Guest organises enquiries, bookings and interactions by the channel they come from. You can easily see which digital channel brings you the most bookings, such as direct traffic, traffic from search engines, social media or newsletters. 
based on campaigns
Insights from marketing campaigns

Enquiry and booking rates for your campaigns 

Rooms are increasingly being sold through specialist marketing campaigns. Re:Guest analyses these for you so that you can continuously optimise them. 
based on Messenger
Insights from Messenger

Informative data about how your guests behave 

Only Re:Guest Messenger can be integrated into your website. Important guest and regular guest behaviour can be derived from this. As an example, you can see how well the added convenience of the website chat is received by your guests.
based on sales automation
Insights from sales automation

Sell in an automated way and use undiscovered potential

Re:Guest can sell by itself 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The insights from the automated sales campaigns provide you with valuable information and allow you to use unexpected potential in room sales.
All analyses now also for regular guests

:Regular guests

An unprecedented opportunity: the Re:Guest Messenger analyses new guests and regular guests separately. 
A revolution in room sales!

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This is how you can improve room sales even more.


Re:Guest carries out analyses of enquiries and bookings based on time period, creates guest profiles and can do much more.


The offer determines your sales success. And so does communication with your guest.

Auto selection

Minimal effort, great success - this is how you increase your sales with Re:Guest Selection.