Release #Spring24: We launched a world innovation.

Spring always brings freshness. But this year it also brings a world novelty: C.r.i.s.

C.r.i.s. is the first virtual hotel collaborator that answers your guests' questions, collaborates with his human colleagues and increases your direct bookings. On top of that, we have added two more new features, one of which is free. Both make your work safer and more efficient every day.

1. C.r.i.s., your first virtual collaborator

C.r.i.s. is the virtual hotel collaborator based on OpenAI's ChatGPT technology, assisting guests and the hotel team 24/7. It answers guests' questions autonomously and correctly, handles even the most complex requests and integrates seamlessly into the Re:Guest guest journey, from the website to communication via WhatsApp.

C.r.i.s. also knows how to work in a team: he forwards conversations and assigns tasks to human colleagues when he doesn't know what to say to a guest's question.

What is more, he is an excellent salesman, in fact, without being pushy, he uses every opportunity to lead the potential guest towards a booking request.


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2. 2-Factor-Authenticator with Microsoft access

For a new level of security of your data in Re:Guest, we have introduced the 2-Factor-Authenticator with Microsoft access. This feature ensures that only authorised users can access sensitive information, giving you peace of mind and protection. And more.

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Release #Spring24
3. Task Assignment

Task management and communication between hotel departments have never been easier: with our new feature you can assign specific tasks to team members (and other hotel teams) easily, optimising workflows and improving collaboration within your hotel.

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Release #Spring24


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