Re:Guest Release #Spring24

Discover C.r.i.s., your first virtual collaborator 🤖, and new features to improve teamwork and ensure secure access with 2FA 🔒 and Microsoft accounts.


Hello, I'm C.r.i.s., the latest global 🌍 innovation from Re:Guest. I'm not just a simple chatbot, but a true virtual collaborator equipped with cognitive intelligence 🧠. My mission? To answer up to 99% of guests' questions, with the option to delegate to human colleagues 👥 to always ensure maximum accuracy and consistency in service. Developed on OpenAI's Chat GPT intelligence, I not only speed up responses but also lighten the reception workload, maintain high service quality standards, and bring in more availability requests.

I respond to up to 99% of guests' questions

Thanks to the careful selection of information sources and adherence to your rules, I guarantee precise answers day and night, always in your style. ✨

I delegate to my human colleagues

I value teamwork 🤝, forwarding requests to your team's experts when a question is beyond my competence.

I assist in formulating responses

I support your staff in creating optimal responses, ensuring courtesy, completeness, and adherence to your tone of voice. 📝

I encourage guests to make a request

As soon as I detect a guest's interest, I guide them towards an availability request. After all, I'm a salesperson and don't miss any opportunity. 💼.

You guide me: you have everything under control.

I'm fully customizable

Choose my name, appearance, and personality to perfectly adapt to your corporate identity.

I rely only on reliable sources: yours!

I educate myself with the information you provide to always be accurate and precise in my answers: website and landing pages, files and documents, and the data inside Re:Guest.

I strictly respect your rules

You guide my actions: based on the type of question, you can define my behavior. And I guarantee you always appropriate responses.

You set my level of autonomy

Decide my level of autonomy: I can limit myself to suggesting the answer in the backend and send it only after getting your "ok," or you give me full rights to respond directly to chat messages, following the rules you've set.

I bring you more bookings. Here's how:

I reduce waiting times

Booking-related questions are answered immediately and in multiple languages, 24/7!

I improve the quality of conversation

Everyone prefers to buy from a competent and charming seller. I respond to booking-related questions immediately, 24/7, and in several languages. The strength in sales lies in the dialogue. Even if I don't know the answer, I'll inform that my colleague will soon get in touch with the guest: this way, they are never left with unresolved questions.

I'm multichannel

I reach the guest wherever they prefer to communicate: on your website, in the digital concierge, and also on WhatsApp. I'm there where your guest is!

I integrate with booking engines

When I perceive that they want to make a request, I direct them straight to the booking engine. So if they're in a hurry or already convinced and don't want to get lost in too much talk, I get straight to the point. Fast, simple, and always guided: guests love this!

:I always behave well, just as you wish.

Drawing from a wide range of sources and following the rules you've defined, I guarantee correct and timely actions to improve the guest experience and facilitate your team's work - my colleagues 😉

I respond like a model receptionist

I handle complex queries, ask for details when necessary, and effectively converse with customers, reducing the workload and ensuring an immediate response 24/7. 🏨

I delegate to human colleagues

I identify the right team to forward requests to, ensuring smooth and effective 🗣️ communication.

I support my colleagues at reception

I also deal with the most complex 🔍 questions. I support the team by elaborating comprehensive, polite answers and using your communication style.

I activate the guided request form

I guide the guest through a step-by-step process to gather all the necessary information to formulate a personalized offer 📊.

:I'm integrated, connected, and collaborative

I collaborate with the team

I assist in processing messages, ask for help from colleagues when I don't know the answer, and assign tasks to the competent team.

Real-time statistics

I offer a complete overview of the effectiveness of interactions and communications.


Wherever your guest communicates, I can participate. On your website, in the holiday offer, in the digital concierge, and via WhatsApp.


I speak 8 languages to ensure barrier-free communication: Italian, English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Romanian, and Russian.

But that's not all for release #Spring24

New free features to improve the efficiency and collaboration of your team and the protection of your data 🔐 in Re:Guest.

2-Factor Authenticator with Microsoft access

Security is our top priority. That's why we've introduced two-factor authentication (2FA) with the option to log in using your Microsoft account. This not only simplifies the login process, removing the need to remember another password, but also enhances the security of your data. With Microsoft login, managing access for collaborators becomes easier and more secure. When a team member leaves the company, you don't need to worry about manually deactivating their access; just remove them from the Microsoft account. Additionally, you can decide to block IPs based on geographic origin. Combine convenience and security in a single solution to best protect your hotel's and your guests' information.

(Paid activation upon request)

Task assignment

Make teamwork more efficient with task assignment in Re:Guest, both within reception teams and in collaboration with other hotel teams, such as spa or restaurant staff. You can assign room booking requests, additional services, and any guest questions. Task assignment notifications also arrive via email, for hotel teams that do not have access to Re:Guest. This function not only simplifies the management of requests and bookings but also improves internal communication.

(Free activation upon request)