Release #Autumn 20:
New features. New chances. 

From upselling to WhatsApp: These are the features you need.

With Re:Guest you always have a card up your sleeve. The most sophisticated sales software for hosts keeps developing with your needs. Our release #Autumn20 not only brings optimised functions, but also new upselling features, WhatsApp communication and much more.

Release #Autumn 20:<br>New features. New chances.

Multi prestay: upselling and wish list

At present, every guest receives a prestay message with useful information and the access to the online check-in. In the future it will be possible to define and automatically send several prestay messages, including one leading to a personal wish list. Its contents can be freely defined in the backend and you can offer your guests the possibility to pick their preferences in advance, for example regarding arrival and meal times, sleeping preferences, nutritional forms, etc.   

What is more, you can send a prestay message presenting your additional services. Beauty treatment, excursions or flowers in the room? Your guest is offered extra services that match his interests and wishes. The chance that he will choose one is much higher than on site. Your guest can book the additional services online and pay later in the hotel.
What is more, the extra services are not only presented in text form, but in categories and with emotional pictures. This too has a positive effect on your upselling success.

Guest communication via WhatsApp

The Re:Guest Messenger keeps guests up to date and enables them to keep in touch with the reception at all times. The same service is now available on WhatsApp. On request, guests receive emotional offers and all messages reserved for them there. Their questions and answers are transmitted directly to the Re:Guest backend.   

Holidays overview in the Messenger

A new menu item in the Messenger helps your guests keep a better overview. Under "Holidays" all past and upcoming stays are summarised and can be viewed in detail on separate landing pages. Available actions, such as online check-in or the booking of additional services, are displayed in first place and clearly visible.  

From feedback to features: the new functions bring advantages for both hosts and guests.

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