With Sales Campaigns you can increase your sales by up to 80 times! Find out now why Sales Campaigns by Re:Guest is the most revolutionary newsletter tool ever.
Multi-channel: whatsapp & email

Multichannel: WhatsApp & E-Mail

Put your guests and their expectations at the center of your communication. Re:Guest gives you the possibility to connect with your guests via WhatsApp. The more channels you use, the more you show your guests that you know them. And the better the results are that you achieve! 
Newsletter-Revolution I: for the first time with WhatsApp
Sales Focused

Sales Focused

A simple and clear design, a set of templates for inspiration and a mailing list that auto-segments to deliver the right message to the right person. Re:Guest has developed a new communication model with a single goal: more sales success for you.  
Newsletter revolution II: for the first time Sales-oriented with autoprofiling and guided requests


A way of communication that is three steps ahead of the traditional hotel newsletter: a simple mail turns into a conversation in Re:Guest Messenger. Re:Guest allows you to provide your guests only with information they are interested in, improving the guest experience and drastically reducing the time gap to your next booking.  
Newsletter-Revolution III: for the first time connected to the Re:Guest Messenger

The newsletters of the future: It's your turn now! 

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