More direct bookings:
but how?

you only need one software solution to perform better. Re:Guest links all the contact points with your guest so effectively that you will achieve a higher booking rate without having to do anything. This means Re:Guest isn’t just any old software, but your promise of success.


Offers in the form of  an attachment or by e-mail are old news. 

Re:Guest bypasses static, confusing texts that are too long: emotionality, interactivity and transparency. Lo and behold—your potential guests will be more likely to book! 
High sales. Great fun.

High sales. Great fun. 

How can work that’s fun bring you more bookings at the same time?
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in 10 steps
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Re:Guest makes your work and communication easier, improves performance and increases your sales success. Here’s how it works:  
01 Enquiry
Step 01

A holiday enquiry is received

Your potential guest sends you an enquiry by e-mail. Do you respond to them manually, using the same form of communication? Not with Re:Guest!
02 Offer creation
Step 02

You create a tailored offer

In the hotel management program, you select suitable rooms and then choose a suitable template from the Re:Guest templates. This means you tailor your offer to your potential guests, in terms of both content and theme. You can also enhance it with a range of additional information presented through multimedia and in clear, concise blocks.
03 Offer presentation
Step 03

Emotive and understandable - your guest is inspired

Re:Guest sends the emotive, interactive offer to your potential guest. They receive an appealing e-mail with the unique selling points of your hotel and a link to the offer website. They can find all of the relevant information there and make a booking enquiry directly. Depending on availability, your reception then accepts it.
04 Communication
Step 04

Still have questions? Use Messenger!

Thanks to the integrated Re:Guest Messenger, your guest can chat directly with your employees on the offer website, clarify questions and exchange information in real time. This convenience is unmatched on mobile devices in particular. The Messenger  makes the communication process much clearer and strengthens the personal connection to your hotel. 
05 Hotel communication
Step 05

The chat option is the convenient way to win people over 

An icon tells your reception team when there are new messages and which guests are currently online. In this way, your employees can seize every opportunity to win over potential guests and maybe even sell extra services. In Messenger, they have the ability to insert text, images and videos, and they can rapidly integrate predefined text blocks and multimedia content through the quick access option.
06 More bookings
Step 06

Your booking rate will increase!

A certain level of emotion, convenience and familiarity wins people over. You will convert more enquiries into bookings, meaning less work and more fun. After checking availability, you can confirm booking enquiries with just one click. 
07 Pre-stay
Step 07

Pre-stay messages can increase anticipation

Your guest will receive an automatic pre-stay message before arrival. This contains detailed information about the stay, extra services that can be booked, any offers, arrival information, etc. This increases your guests’ sense of anticipation and they notice that they’re being well looked-after. 
08 Post-stay
Step 08

Your guest gives you feedback

Your guests’ opinions count! After their trip, they will be asked for feedback about their stay. They have the option of getting in touch directly with reception staff or leaving a review on TripAdvisor or HolidayCheck.
09 Sales automation
Step 09

Re:Guest sends automatic sales messages

You can easily create intelligent newsletters with Re:Guest. Using the last arrival data for your guests, you fill in the gaps in the capacity utilisation plan. Re:Guest keeps track of the time period for the enquiries made and it sends sales messages to guests at just the right time. This makes scatter losses a thing of the past!
Your guests are contacted individually based on their booking profile and Re:Guest does so automatically. They will receive a personalised holiday reminder at just the right time each year, without you having to do a thing!
10 Analysis
Step 10

You analyse your own performance 

Comprehensive statistics provide you with a real-time overview of the opening rates of the offers sent, your reservation and booking rates, the composition of your sales, the performance of your reception staff and much more.
This means you can exploit strengths, improve weaknesses and continue to improve. 

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These are the benefits Re:Guest offers for management and reception.

Benefits for management

Performance-based management is possible. Let the Re:Guest benefits sink in.

Benefits for employees

Reception work needs sensitivity and is varied and dynamic.Re:Guest supports you in every aspect and always brings you a specific benefit.

What’s needed in room sales?

Don’t miss out on opportunities. Use every trick in the book to persuade people and have fun doing it too. Selling has never been so easy!