Close to the guest like never before

Communicate without any obstacles, chat like you’re chatting with friends and win people over like a professional. 
The Re:Guest Messenger is a revolutionary communication tool in the form of an online chat. It provides you with every opportunity to communicate with your guests at any time and in an innovative way. Quickly, intuitively, with real rapport and, more than anything else, just as the tourism industry demands it!

:Let’s chat

With the Re:Guest Messenger, you are accompanying and guiding your guest from the very first moment.  

what is so innovative about Messenger?

Instant chat

Your guest can chat with you at any time. And you can answer questions immediately, clear up any uncertainties and win guests over in the process.

Guided enquiry

Your guests no longer have to battle through a complex enquiry form. They can conveniently start a guided enquiry in Messenger. 

Booking cockpit

The Re:Guest Offers booking cockpit saves all offers reserved for your guests and all guest messages. They can directly access these via Messenger.  

Where can I use Messenger?

In the Re:Guest offer

The Messenger is integrated into what you offer. If there are any questions, your guest can contact you directly. 

On your website

You can also integrate Re:Guest Messenger into your website immediately, so you’re actually always there for your guest, anywhere.


Be close, create trust and loyalty. That’s what Messenger is there for. It automatically recognises your guests, addresses them personally and gives them the option to chat and view information directly. This is unique and fun!   


The Re:Guest Messenger is an entirely new way of getting in touch with the guest. It is unique for several reasons: 

100% guest-oriented 

Your guests can chat conveniently with reception staff, during which they receive a perfect, personal response in all languages thanks to the use of predefined text blocks.  

100% sales-oriented 

Guests can start their own booking enquiry through Messenger at any time. Direct, intuitive and completely straightforward. 

100% mobile optimisation 

The Messenger is perfectly suited to any screen size. Secure more mobile visitors, more communication and many more enquiries! 

100% present 

The Messenger is available to guests on the website and landing pages and continues to accompany them through ‘Re:Guest Type’ for offers and in the post-stay phase. 

100% intelligent 

Each guest is automatically recognised and welcomed. Any information meant specifically for them is stored clearly in the Messenger in designated areas.  

100% tried and tested 

The product’s security, speed and reliability were subject to rigorous long-term testing. They are the result of our many years of experience within the tourism industry. 

100% integration 

The Messenger is perfectly adapted to any website layout, can be integrated without any difficulties and enhances any website.  

100% Re:Guest

There is a fusion of communication via the website with any offer in Re:Guest. A seamless emotional appeal to the guest throughout the entire customer journey is guaranteed. 

Find out more:

This is how you can improve room sales even more.


Link impressive offers with an intelligent website—the Re:Guest website!


Exciting offers: with Re:Guest, you’re creating each offer made-to-measure.


Re:Guest takes on a lot of tasks for you. Without you having to do anything, your guests are taken care of before and after their stay, with important information and extra incentives.
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