Re:Guest Release #Spring23

I love learning and I’m used to keeping up with the times. Recently, I’ve added something new: I analyse the requests of your guests and respond to them with a suitable offer. Totally independently.

For you, this means: you have an independent digital sales assistant on your side, relieve your reception team and are always one up 🥇 on your competitors.

Auto Offer is my latest feature and, in all humility: it will change your life.

And there’s more. Release #Spring23 contains 3 more novelties, which are FREE!


Is your reception understaffed 🤯? Your guest will still get his offer! With Re:Guest AUTO OFFER 🤖, the most intelligent digital collaborator you could ever imagine. I'm not a bot, but a room seller who knows how to do his job well. Even though I'm digital, I'm so good that you won't even be able to tell my offers apart from those created by your human receptionists.

(Fee-based activation)


You earn time

I respond to all requests that meet your criteria, up to 7 offers out of 10! So while I work for you, you earn time that you can invest in other important tasks. For example? A nice chat and public relations with your guests!

You generate offers automatically

I follow your rules to send automated offers, but they are still very personalized. Thanks to the guest profile, their past stays, the offers sent, and stored data, I know what the guest expects from your offer. I can easily work 24 hours per day and one’s for sure: out of all the requests you pass on to me, I won’t forget a single one!

You shorten response times

No one wants to wait. The faster you respond to requests, the more likely a request becomes a booking. I shorten response times for requests and I’m 100% faster than your competitors. What is even more important is that you increase conversions. Because as you know: the more offers you send out, the more bookings you can get out of them – it’s simple math!

You save staff

The solution to staff shortages? Auto Offer. With this feature, I will finally become a digital collaborator and, effectively, a member of the reception team.


With three steps, you enter your new hotel routine! With this feature, I officially become an intelligent digital collaborator. I am the first software to send offers autonomously and the only collaborator to send offers 🤑 even when all other receptionists have already finished their shift.

Workflow configuration

Only you decide which requests I should process for you. Among the conditions you can set are the sources of requests, the number of guests, the length of stay, the requested room category and meal type, guest profile characteristics, and much more. For each workflow, you can set the offer creation logic.
Define the room categories 🛌🏻 and rates offered and decide if I should create alternative offers. Also, define the maximum number and order of variants, the desired offer template, and the author for each workflow.

Automatic sending of the offer

Now it's my turn! After activating one or more workflows, I check every incoming request. If the request criteria match the set conditions and there are available rooms, I create a completely automated offer and send it to the guest. Are there any differences compared to your offers? Absolutely not.
Even in case of technical interface problems (PMS/IBE), security measures ⚠️ are activated and error sources are blocked. And you can decide when - and if - to pause it.

Control and analysis

Do you want to see how many offers I sent on my own? How many guests opened or booked 💸 the offer? Or which requests were answered by me? You can do it.
In the Auto Offer dashboard, you will find a summary of all relevant data and statistics. Even in the analysis area, it is possible to filter statistics for offers and bookings between those created manually and those created automatically.

Never enough: these new functions are included for free!

Starting now, you can activate Auto Offer for a fee. But there’s more to it – and it’s free! In conjunction with Auto Offer, three other new features will be released, completely free of charge.

Modification of bookings

This function, which has often been requested, is finally here. Until now, when a booking needed to be modified, you needed to delete it, create a new one and confirm it. From now on, every booking will have a “Modify booking” button. If you click the button, you can adjust the time period, room category or number of guests and send a new booking confirmation 📤 straight away.

(Free and automatic activation – cannot be activated with ASA, AIDA, Casablanca, Elite and Protel)

Call-to-action button in WhatsApp

Hitherto, your WhatsApp messages used to contain a link through which the guest could access the offer, newsletter or any other kind of communication. This link has now been substituted by an appealing and eye-catching button📲 in call-to-action style. It not only looks better, but it’s also more user friendly and entices to click even more.

(Free and automatic activation)

New profiling filters for newsletter contacts

Even the profiling filters of the newsletter recipient lists have been improved. So far, filters could only be inclusive, so that the resulting contacts all matched the set filter. Now, you can also set exclusive filters in order to exclude certain contacts from the recipient list. For example, you can send a newsletter for Valentine’s Day 👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏽 to all couples, but exclude business guests. This new function makes your newsletters even more profiled – and better profiling means more conversions!

(Free and automatic activation)


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