Guest correspondence is a crucial aspect in the hotel industry. It encompasses all forms of communication between the hotel and guests, from the initial inquiry to feedback after the stay, and also extends to WhatsApp and social media. Effective and efficient communication can significantly enhance the guest experience and is crucial for customer satisfaction 💯 and loyalty.

Recurring stumbling blocks

As Re:Guest, I am well aware of the typical challenges in guest correspondence: missing or delayed responses, misunderstandings, and the challenge of keeping track of various communication channels 💔. Personalized guest addressing is often difficult but essential for a positive guest experience. I understand how crucial it is to respond promptly to guest requests. Therefore, I offer your hotel a centralized, efficient, and cross-channel Correspondence Manager that creates a seamless and pleasant experience for guests.


Being close, creating trust and loyalty. That’s what my Messenger is for. I automatically recognize your guest, address them personally and give them the option to chat and view information directly. That’s unique, innit?

What’s so innovative about Messenger?

Instant Chat

You guest can chat with you and me at any time. And we can answer questions immediately, address any doubts and casually persuade them along the way.

Guided inquiry

Complicated inquiry forms? No, thanks. In Messenger, I guide your guest through their inquiry step by step.

Booking cockpit

In my booking cockpit, I will save all the offers and messages for a specific guest. They can access them directly using the Messenger.


Have I told you yet that I am always a step ahead? My Messenger is a revolutionary communication tool. You don’t need to talk until you are blue in the face or even keep a safe distance. Using me, you communicate touchlessly, from online check-in to online check-out and beyond. Yee-haw!

Where can I use Messenger?

In the emotional offer

My Messenger is integrated in the offer. Your guest can contact us directly in case any questions arise.

On your website

You can also integrate my Messenger on your website, thereby being there for your guest always and everywhere.

On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is also integrated into my Messenger. You can't get any closer to the guest.

One of a kind

I know that I’m special. And so is my Messenger:

100% guest-oriented

Your guest can comfortably chat with us. Sometimes you will answer personally, sometimes it’s me – using predefined text blocks in many languages.

100% sales-oriented

Guests can start a guided inquiry at any time in Messenger. Straight forward, intuitive, and totally hassle free.

100% mobile-optimized

My Messenger is perfectly suited for all screen sizes. Secure more mobile visitors, more communication, and more inquiries!

100% present

In Messenger, I greet your guests on the website as well as on your landing page. Then, I guide them “in my own way” through the offers and in the post-stay phase.

100% intelligent

I recognize and welcome every guest automatically. I deposit all the information meant for them in well-arranged, designated areas in Messenger.

100% tried and tested

My creators are continuously testing my safety, speed, and reliability. So, no worries, I am really good at all things tourism & tech.

100% integration

My Messenger fits perfectly into every website layout, can be integrated with no difficulties and improves your online appearance even more.

100% Re:Guest

Let’s be honest: We’re all creatures of habit. That is why my communication style always remains the same – throughout the whole Guest Journey.

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Offers that make your heart 💓 beat faster: With me, every offer is tailor-made.


It’s only with me that you can communicate with your guests directly in WhatsApp 💬. This way, you are even closer to them – and far ahead of your competitors.