I'm here to create truly enticing offers for you 😍, nothing like those old-fashioned emails 📧. Mine are authentic web pages. But today, my role goes beyond creating appealing offers. I love to communicate 💬 and sell services for your campsite. The challenge of managing a high number of camping guests in relation to a limited number of employees is always present. That's why campsite directors ⛺ like you find the ideal companion in Re:Guest: "Fantastic to have you, Re:Guest! With you, I save time and personnel costs" 💸.
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The most advanced CRM for your campsite

Whether you manage one or multiple campsites, with me, you increase sales and enhance the experience for all your guests. My secret is 16 letters: RE:GUEST MESSENGER. Thanks to my Messenger, I can be with your guest every step of the way on the Guest Journey, from availability request to check-out and beyond. I leave nothing to chance to captivate the guest: I speak 8 languages, can independently answer all questions, and even send offers autonomously. With me, you can easily take your campsite sales to the next level.

How to win guests in 10 steps

I was born with the charm of Don Giovanni, but over the years, I've perfected the art of communication with guests, work processes for the reception team, and sales strategies. Here's how:
Step 01

An irresistible offer

When you receive a request, I help you create an irresistible offer for your guest in a few clicks, presenting it on a complete webpage with pitch options, bungalows, and extra services. I simplify the booking process, guiding guests to click on "Book now." Additionally, I can autonomously send offers (Yes, you got it right: without the help of any human receptionist). You set the rules, and I create and send the quote. All on my own.
Step 02

A response to every question, 24 hours a day

I am the intermediary between you and your guest, available 24/7 via Re:Guest Messenger or WhatsApp. I prefer chat because it's more immediate and modern. Furthermore, thanks to my chatbot - named C.r.i.s. and a true virtual receptionist based on cognitive artificial intelligence - I can autonomously answer up to 50% of your guests' questions.
Step 03

Online booking and payment

After clearing every doubt and confirming the booking, it's time to collect. I suggest various online payment methods to the guest and let them choose. They haven't set foot in the campsite yet but are already contributing to happiness. That's teamwork!
Step 04

Upselling before arrival

Before the guest arrives, I propose your extra services. But beware: I only select those suitable for them because I know their preferences. This way, we enrich their camping vacation and, at the same time, your wallet.
Step 05

Wishlist for happy guests

Before check-in, I invite them to express all their wishes: pitch location, bungalow temperature, arrival time, for example. You create the questions, and I note down their preferences, saving them in the guest's profile.
Step 06

Online check-in

Before arrival, I suggest completing the online check-in. I gather all guest and travel companion data. And I take the opportunity to present the campsite rules to them and have them accept. This avoids long waits on the arrival day.
Step 07

Digital Concierge

On the check-in day, I take charge of welcoming the guest and bidding them farewell by name. I send them a welcome message that gives them access to the Digital Concierge. Here, the guest finds important and useful information for their camping vacation: weather forecasts, hiking routes, tips for freestyle swimming, and the schedules of your yoga classes.
Step 08

Online check-out

No endless queues at check-out. On the departure day, I send the guest their provisional bill and provide instructions on how to pay online.
Step 09

Post-stay loyalty

When the guest leaves, I continue to follow up to convince them to return. My Sales Automation module helps me maintain the courtship. I wait for the right moment (I know exactly when it is because I understand the guest's behavior) and send messages that make them consider a second (third, fourth...) stay with you. And it works.
Step 10

Revolutionary newsletters

With the Sales Campaigns module, I assist you in creating successful newsletters with a few clicks. But beware: I don't let you send random newsletters. I choose the right theme for the right guest through the appropriate communication channel. Ah, and I send newsletters via WhatsApp too! A surprise for guests and a boost for your sales.

All signs point to sales

Knowledge as the starting point for sales success: That’s what makes my Hotel CRM so extraordinary. Get my products and I promise you: you'll never miss a sales opportunity again.

Automatic guest profiling

I save everything: every click, every booking, and every piece of information from guests. That's why I'm confident that what I do works: My CRM is the most reliable database for personalizing and planning communication. And your guest contacts are always up to date: you can be sure.
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Numbers and data at your fingertips

Who sells the most at the reception? Which offer models convince the most? Which ones don't? What happens with newsletters? Why hasn't the Longo family booked? How much did you convert this week? The truth lies in the numbers. And I make them available to you.
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Interface and marketplace

With me, your data stream flows smoothly. I connect easily and happily with your hotel management program or your IBE. This means you can import important data and information with just one click, while saving time and energy.
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This is how you can improve room sales even more.

Re:Guest Sales Cycle®

The patented evolution in hotel sales. I sell your hotel services 24/7, captivating guests at every step. Effortless, emotional, and automated. 🚀


A true virtual employee based on Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, answering guest queries, guiding them to booking requests, and supporting your team. 🌟

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Developed for your success, Re:Guest delivers unparalleled innovation. Boost sales with unique software, creating extraordinary guest experiences.