Release #Spring23: Welcome, Re:Guest AI

The whole world 🌏 is talking about ChatGPT - and I know how to use it to your advantage. In addition to that, the release #Summer23 brings five more new features: free 💸 yet incredibly useful.

1. Re:Guest AI: New opportunities with ChatGPT

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT are on everyone's lips 👄. The whole world 🌏 is discussing how AI can be sensibly and safely integrated into our daily lives. And most importantly, how we can benefit from it. Naturally, I have delved into the subject as well: from now on, I am interfaced with ChatGPT 3.5 by OpenAI, giving you the ability to unlock 🔓 a lot of potential.

Here's what you can achieve in just a few seconds:

  • Create high-quality ⬆️ texts from scratch - in all the languages supported by me.
  • Optimize texts with a simple mouse click: shorten them, lengthen them, adapt the writing style, correct grammar, and more.
  • Translate texts like a professional: for the past two years, I have been using DeepL, one of the best current translation services, also based on artificial intelligence.


Watch the video 👇 and click here to discover more
2. Automatic selection of mutiple rate options

The long-awaited ⏳ and requested feature is finally here! From now on, you can automatically include multiple tariff options for each room type in your offers. For example, for each room type, you can display the price 💰 for free cancellation, the price for early booking, with half-board, for prepayment, etc.

Watch the video 👇 and click here to discover more
3. Two-Factor Authentication for increased security

Two-factor authentication is an additional security layer for your Re:Guest system. By activating it, you make unauthorized access more difficult and protect 🔒 your personal information and hotel data.

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4. Interfaces: Importing bookings from ASA to Re:Guest

Previously, bookings from the ASA system were imported via .csv files. Now, the import into the Re:Guest system happens automatically, and booking data can be used for various marketing activities.

5. Optimization of Google PageSpeed Insights scores

The loading speed 🔄 of Re:Guest websites has been optimized, resulting in better scores in Google PageSpeed Insights evaluations.

6. Re:Guest (Website) Messenger for hotel groups

Requests or inquiries sent via the Re:Guest Web Messenger no longer need to be manually sorted and 📲 forwarded. The user 🤵 can specify in advance to which hotel within the group they want to send the message or inquiry, simply by clicking on one of the buttons that appear automatically in response to their message. This saves time and simplifies reception work.

Watch the video 👇 and click here to discover more


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