Re:Guest Release #Summer23

It's officially out, one of the hottest 🌞 news of the year: Re:Guest is integrated with ChatGPT 3.5 by OpenAI. Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your new Content Assistant?And that's not all: among the updates of the #summer23 release, you will also find a feature that has been highly requested by my hotelier clients (maybe you were among them?) and additional free upgrades!

Re:Guest + ChatGPT = Welcome RE:GUEST AI

My new friend ChatGPT will take your front desk work to a whole new level. Its artificial intelligence (AI) you can create high-quality texts 📃 from scratch, optimize texts with a simple click of a mouse, and translate like a professional. In seconds.

Unlock 🔓 the new potential of Re:Guest right away!

(Activation on request - fee-based feature with free trial period until 31/08)
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Create text from scratch

You can get astonishing texts in the blink of an eye. Just communicate the theme of the text and the desired length, and boom! You'll have your content ready to use.

Improve texts

Re:Guest AI corrects grammatical and spelling errors. The writing style can also be enhanced through ChatGPT integration.

Shorten and lengthen texts

Text length can be modified in seconds; it can be condensed into a summary or expanded with in-depth information on the topic.

Adapt writing style

You can easily adjust the tone of voice using Re:Guest AI: formal, informal, friendly, or direct. Additionally, you can simplify the content of a text.


All text elements can be translated with Re:Guest AI. The results are almost perfect and continuously improving.

Towards the future with the Artificial Intelligence

Re:Guest AI is what you need now and forever. Thanks to my connection with ChatGPT 3.5 by OpenAI, you have access to a completely new content assistant. 24/7. And this is just the beginning because in the future, I will harness all the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Stay tuned.

ChatGPT is everywhere

Re:Guest AI functions are available in every text editor, including the messenger and sales campaigns area. Wherever you see the yellow "Re:Guest AI" ✨ button, you can utilize the 🤓 content assistant. You can create texts from scratch with a simple topic or modify existing texts to your liking.

ChatGPT works, and you supervise

Losing control? It can't happen with me. Every text created or modified by Re:Guest AI is displayed in a paragraph below the original text. You decide whether to use the new text without changes, take only a part of it, or discard it 🗑️ completely and enter a new command.

And that's not all: there are also new free features!

From now on, you can request Re:Guest AI and take advantage of a free trial period. But that's not all! You will receive five additional free features and improvements.

Automatic Selection Of Rate Options

Your feedback has become my new features: this functionality has been highly anticipated and requested by numerous Re:Guest users. With this feature, you can automatically include multiple rate 💸 options for each room type, such as free cancellation price, early booking price, half-board price, prepaid price, etc. Previously, each rate option corresponded to a room variant, but now all rate options are automatically and clearly shown under the same room variant.

(Free and automatic activation – cannot be activated with ASA, AIDA, Casablanca, Elite and Protel)

Re:Guest Security: Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a cybersecurity 🔒 method that provides additional security for your Re:Guest account. The main goal of 2FA is to make unauthorized access more difficult for potential attackers, ensuring the security of your personal information and hotel-related data.Two-Factor Authentication is managed through an app like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. Every time you want to access your account 💻 using the password, you also enter a six-digit numeric code provided by the app. This also creates a log that allows you to keep track of how many times, when, and from which device you logged in. 

(Free and activation upon request)

Re:Guest Web Messenger For Hotel Groups

When a guest 🤵‍ sends a message in the web messenger of a hotel group's website or initiates a guided request in the newsletter sent by Sales Campaigns, they are automatically asked which hotel within the group they want to send 📲 the message or request to. For guests, this means the advantage of being able to view all conversations organized by hotel in an orderly manner. The benefit is even greater for your hotels: each message is sent directly to the corresponding hotel. There is no longer a need to sort, copy, and forward messages to the correct hotel. This means time ⌛ savings and less work!

(Free and activation upon request)

ASA Interfaces: Importing bookings from ASA to Re:Guest

Previously, bookings from the ASA system were imported via .csv files. Now, the import into the Re:Guest system happens automatically. As a result, bookings from those who did not book through Re:Guest will also enter the system, providing them with all marketing activities and communications along the entire guest journey.

(Free and activation upon request for ASA users)

Optimization of Google SpeedPage Insights score

The loading speed of the web messenger on your website is now even 🔄 faster! Thanks to the optimizations of the website messenger, your website can now achieve a higher ⬆️ score in Google Page Speed Insights.

(Optimizations to improve the performance of Re:Guest are always ongoing, free, and available to everyone)

Request Re:Guest AI!

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