Release #Summer21:
Our Butterfly Effect

We’ve got news! Let us surprise you. 

Over the past few months, we have observed Re:Guest through the lens of the feedback we’ve received. The result has a name: Release #Summer21. 
Release #Summer21:<br>Our Butterfly Effect
Guest profiling: let’s polish it! 

How well do you know your guests? Do you know who they usually travel with, how much attention they pay to their diet, whether they are sporty people or looking for a bit of relaxation? No one could ever remember all this information... no one except Re:Guest! 
Based on past stays and information about age, marital status, diet, etc., Re:Guest automatically profiles your guests. In addition, guest labels can be linked to various specific actions, such as the purchase of an additional service or an answer on a wish list.  
You may be wondering why it is necessary to collect all this information about guests and the answer is quite simple: the more you know about them, the better you can target them and tailor your offers to them. But now you can also export the collected data and use it in the Professional Edition for the Selection itself (i.e. sales automation).     

Messenger: familiar features through a transformed look  

Messenger is the Re:Guest function par excellence. In this extremely intuitive chat, communication with your guest finally flows smoothly. To make it even simpler and more efficient, we have decided to transform its look as well. The booking cabin menu has been moved to the lower part of the page and Messages are now organised time - wise. Your guests will love it!  

Everything is improving and the Translator remains free of charge.  

It is often the details that are responsible for the biggest changes: we have decided to continue to improve Re:Guest and to adapt the software according to your wishes and needs. Among the optimisations in Release #Summer21 there are even more accurate statistics (made possible by the correct assignment of request sources) and the integration of the Incert Loyalty system. The latter allows both your receptionist and the guest himself to view his point balance and current club membership levels.  
Aaaand last but not least: the popular and widely used Live Translator remains free of charge! With this feature you can communicate with your guests in their native language quickly and without complications. 

Release #Summer21 combines small improvements with big news.


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