From Guest Journey to Smart Guest Journey

How Recent Technological Evolution Obliges Us to Reimagine the Classic Guest Journey Concept.

The Classic Guest Journey Model

The Guest Journey, or guest's path, is a focal concept in the hospitality industry. It is often depicted as a timeline with a clear beginning and end, comprising all the stages and moments that make up a guest's booking process and vacation experience. However, this linear approach with a defined start and finish seems outdated today. The guest's experience never truly ends, as after every check-out, it's the hotelier's duty to continue engaging the guest and keeping them within their guest journey. We should no longer view check-out as the endpoint but rather as a stop in an ongoing journey.

The Circular Approach to Guest Journey

The evolution of the Guest Journey concept leads us toward a circular approach, where the starting and ending points coincide. After every vacation, there's another to be booked. This underscores the hotelier's responsibility to maintain a strong bond with the guest and ensure their return to the establishment. Loyalty is key, and every action of the hotelier should aim to make the guest come back. This new approach knows no end, as every stay can be the precursor to another, creating an endless cycle of experiences and opportunities for the hotelier.

The Need to Talk About SMART Guest Journey

In recent years, the hospitality industry has witnessed a technological revolution. Automations and artificial intelligence are changing how hoteliers manage their operations. Talking about the Guest Journey as we did ten years ago is no longer sufficient. Today, every hotelier should stay current and adopt the concept of the Smart Guest Journey.

The Smart Guest Journey incorporates all existing technologies to enhance the guest experience and optimize operational efficiency. Products like "Auto Offer" are already on the market, allowing hoteliers to automatically send personalized offers, making the guest experience more engaging. In the near future, we might envision software for "Auto Upselling" to automatically offer upgrade options, "Auto Newsletter" for personalized communications, and "Auto Pricing" to adjust prices in real-time. This technological evolution not only improves guest service but also provides a competitive edge to savvy hoteliers.In conclusion, the Guest Journey has become an ongoing cycle, and the introduction of advanced technologies is giving rise to the Smart Guest Journey.

Hoteliers embracing this evolution can expect greater guest loyalty, a more rewarding guest experience, and more efficient operational management. It's time to leave the past behind and embrace the future of hotel management.
From Guest Journey to Smart Guest Journey

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