Automations as the future of hospitality

I love learning and I’m used to keeping up with the times. Recently, I’ve added something new: I analyse the requests of your guests and respond to them with a suitable offer. Totally independently.

7 out of 10 requests dealt with: if you know, you know.

Auto Offer is my newest feature and, in all humility: it will change your life.

Simply because it’s one of the most innovative automations on the hotel tech market.

With Auto Offer, I analyse requests, prepare an offer independently and send it automatically. Nothing is left to chance. Every offer is based on the guest profiles I created. As you already know, I know quite a lot about your guests. Be it the number of people travelling with them, preferred holiday themes or their favourite room, I know Mrs. Schmidt and Mr. Bianchi and use my knowledge to personalise offers.

This doesn’t only mean that I respond to requests in no time. Your guests also receive an offer that’s perfectly tailored to them, and both increase the chances of booking enormously.

I can take on and respond to a whopping 7 out of 10 requests. Your reception team will be greatly relieved, and I a full-fledged digital employee. Hire me!

Are automations the future of hospitality?

Auto Offer is not a bot, but a digital sales assistant.

But why is it worth relying on automations – on me? Technological aids are a core component in almost every hotel nowadays.

At the same time, I’m not a substitute for “manual” work or human contact, which is so important. Rather, I support and complement you along the whole guest journey.

Thanks to my new technologies, I can overcome a lot of obstacles. They enable me to anticipate different guest needs – just think about online check-in and digital concierge. Many tasks will be easier for your reception team, or they won’t have to worry about them at all – like birthday wishes or responding to recurrent questions. Automations also allow you to be different and stand out from your competitors.

And last but not least, automations are an important selling asset, which bring you additional bookings and sales for no or only minimal additional effort.


AUTO OFFER will change your life

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