The most advanced communication and sales software for hotels 🏨 is found only with me. It's time to activate me. I communicate 💬 and sell 💵 your rooms to your guest. If you wish, autonomously 🧠 and always charmingly.
Starting at just € 100/month.
Over 1000 customers are already my fans

My Products for More Direct Bookings

My Re:Guest Sales Cycle is the most sofisticated sales software for hotels that captivates your guest 😍 and makes your staff's work enjoyable 😊. Aesthetically high-quality offers and intelligent communication mechanisms provide your potential guest with purchasing impulses throughout the entire Guest Journey, effective and repeatedly! 🚀

My AI-driven Chatbot 🤖 is named C.r.i.s., and he is your new digital colleague. He answers almost all questions automatically, in countless languages 🌐, across multiple channels simultaneously, and is available 24/7⏰ to assist your guests.

Sounds too good to be true? This is how I operate.
Guest Communication & Sales Platform

Re:Guest Sales Cycle®

My Sales Cycle has its own patent. Because there’s one thing I’m just better at than others: I sell your hotel services to your guest - around the clock ⏰and in all the sales phases. I know how to do it because I send emotional offers and can be incredibly convincing 😉 and charming. Yes, always, even during Upselling and newsletter dispatch. In fact, I can handle everything automatically 📮.
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E-Mails 📬 for offers are out. An inquiry comes in. I automatically create a dedicated website for the offer. Tailored to the guest's preferences. Looks sharp, happens in a flash, goes straight to the heart 💘, and delivers results.
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I am smart, charming, and revenue-driven 💸. That's why I always sell a bit more to your guest 🧴. For example, fantastic additional services. Champagne instead of Prosecco for the guest? I can do that!
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I don't send newsletters 📰 randomly. Instead, I choose the right theme for the right guest. And the right channel. News via WhatsApp 💬? Awesome! I can do that too.
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Who enjoys reading long email threads? No one, especially not Apple users. That's why I prefer to communicate with your guest through a dedicated messenger 💬. In every phase: before, during, and after the vacation.
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Guest communication with AI sounds complicated? Trust me, once you've put me to the test, you won't be able to do without me. Using my advanced cognitive artificial intelligence, I analyze your hotel information 📑. Then, I respond to all messages in your chat using your language style. The answers your guest receives are to the point 🎯 and personalized, as if your team or you had written them yourself. I can perform actions autonomously, but always under your complete control.
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C.r.i.s. Chatbot

C.r.i.s. Chatbot is your new digital team member. It can handle 99% of the inquiries to your reception for you and even assist your guest during a booking request. It gathers information from reliable sources, interprets guests' intentions accurately, responds precisely and personalized, and leaves you in full control.
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C.r.i.s. Hotelbot

C.r.i.s. is your new virtual senior employee.
It answers your guests' questions and inquiries, generates offers, and performs various actions in collaboration with your hotel team.
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This is what I achieve in over 1000 hotels 🏨 in 12 months

1,177,000 direct bookings
16,878,000 overnight stays
€1,881,000,000 in sales
€1,597 average booking value

Welcome to YW:OR

The Yellow World of Re:Guest is a unique experience for Re:Guest customers.
Re:Guest, the most advanced communication and sales software for hotels, is the first software in the world 🌍 that invites you to its home.

For the most ambitious customers, eager to fully exploit the sales potential of the software, the YW:OR membership is available.

The membership includes two nights 🛌 in Merano in the YW:OR penthouse, personalized consultancy and detailed analysis on Re:Guest, team training 👨‍🎓, and early access to product novelties.
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