Created for your booking success

We developed Re:Guest so that you can sell more. Our aim is to continuously improve the software to offer you the most innovative product on the market, securing the best possible competitive advantage.


Re:Guest is a unique software package for high performance sales that will delight your guests and keep your employees happy. Premium-quality offers from an aesthetic perspective and intelligent communication mechanisms provide your potential guests with an incentive to buy. Effective time and again throughout the entire guest journey!
Guest loyalty
Guest loyalty

Guest loyalty: automatic

Be close, create trust and loyalty. That’s what Re:Guest is there for. It recognises your guest on your website, addresses them personally and gives them the option to chat and view historical information and bookings directly. Without logging in!  

This is how well thought-out guest loyalty works so that it is fun for everyone: you, your employees and your guest!
Sales automation
Sales automation

Sell: at any time, without having to do anything

Re:Guest provides a virtual employee for reception with sales automation. It contacts your guests with the right theme and a personalised offer at just the right time.

Et voilà: the number of bookings increases, without you having to do anything!

Communicate: in a modern and effective way

Re:Guest has a unique Instant Messenger. Apart from formal e-mail communication and selective notifications in the offer, this makes it possible to talk to your guest in an agile, straightforward way at any time. 

You are communicating in a modern way with Re:Guest. Your guest also likes this! 
Booking cockpit
Booking cockpit

Amaze: your guest will be surprised

The booking cockpit is a central location in Re:Guest Messenger that stores any guest communications, documents and bookings. Communication is automatic, your guest is always addressed personally and can keep track of everything. 

This takes Re:Guest guest communications to the next level and increases bookings at the same time! 
Guest journey
Guest journey

Tempt your guests as you guide them: across all contact points

If you don’t keep going, you risk losing the guest. With Re:Guest and the practical Messenger, you can remain in touch with your guest beyond the stay itself. Across all digital contact points and extremely easily! 

Your communication also stays consistent: always emotive, always fast and always automated.

Add the personal touch: just like your guests want

Re:Guest automatically profiles your guests. At each point of contact, from the website to the offer, through to intelligent e-mails, your guest is addressed personally.

This comes across as authentic and gives them the feeling of being well looked-after.

Understanding: the software knows what you need

Every aspect of Re:Guest has always been developed with room sales in mind. All software modules are seamlessly integrated. The outcome: more sales along the entire guest journey and numerous options to adapt Re:Guest to your needs. 

Sell more, sell more easily - Re:Guest makes this possible! 

Typical Re:Guest!
Even more benefits 

Consistent guest experience

Everything from one source

If you show character, your guest will remember you. Re:Guest ensures a unique, consistent presence, across all contact points in the guest journey. From the website to the offer through to the Messenger, everything is from one source, harmonious and adapted to your style. Your guests will be amazed! 

Being ahead of the game is fun

Made for hoteliers: no matter who you are

Made for hoteliers:
no matter who you are  

Holiday hotels

Regardless of your size and specialisation, Re:Guest brings fun to reception and more accommodation bookings. Guaranteed! 

Small hotel businesses

Re:Guest even offers tailored solutions for smaller structures. It includes the whole benefits package, from the emotive offer, through automation, down to a professional website.

City hotels

As well as the revolutionary Re:Guest offer, all pre-stay and post-stay features and sales automation are particularly attractive for city hotels.

Hotel groups

With the Re:Guest Multi-Property solution, several hotels can be managed centrally. This means you can keep an eye on all buildings from one reception. 


The Re:Guest Camping Edition combines all of the holiday hotel features, precisely tailored to your needs in the camping sector. 
Digital Concierge

Digital Concierge

Welcome salutation

On the day of arrival, your guest will receive a welcome email and access to their Digital Concierge. Guests who log into the internal WLAN will also be guided to the Digital Concierge.

Digital guest folder

The digital guest folder informs your guest about everything important for his stay. This way he can save himself the trip to the reception and at the same time he has the possibility to clarify questions via the messenger.

Integration of external services (widgets)

You can use widgets to supplement your digital guest folder with external information services, such as weather, excursion tips or transport options.


When, if not now: A digital guest folder is practical, hygienic and meets current hygiene standards.
Service? Of course:

Of course:

Expert team

Personal, human, friendly and competent: our team of advisers, trainers and technical experts is always there for you. Grow together with us. Improving yourself is fun! 


We help you with Re:Guest's technical set-up and show you how to use the best software for you. Our set-up process is tried and tested so that you can quickly increase your bookings.

Continuous support

Whether you need help again after many years or whether you’re completely new to the Re:Guest world:  if you have questions, we have answers. Consistently good service is a top priority for us.

You will never have seen software like it

Re:Guest motivates you and your employees to sell more and break work records.


Re:Guest not only delights guests, but hoteliers too. Will you be joining the fan club soon?  

Find out more:

This is how you can improve room sales even more.

Model for success

You only need Re:Guest to sell better and have more fun at work. High sales, great fun!

How it works

More direct bookings: but how? Re:Guest links all the contact points with your guest so effectively that you will achieve a higher booking rate without having to do anything.


Exciting offers: with Re:Guest, you’re creating each offer made-to-measure.