From the very first moment. And I offer you High Sales and High Fun in one single package of success.

Your advantage

My team will set me up for you for free. Lean back and “the gang” will organize the set-up, the trasfer of data and the training based on your requirements.

I am ready whenever you are.

How does the switch happen?

Changing your software is no walk in the park. Fortunately, my service team consisting of advisers, trainers, and technical experts will take care of every detail during the period of transition. And if I can say something for certain, then it’s this: My makers know about the stumbling blocks in the sales business, and with me, they offer you a well-tried solution. Or how I like to put it: the smartest room seller on the market!

01 Stock-taking

You are unique – and have your own way of working, software programs and interfaces. My customer service team knows that and will check the situation, before planning the next steps.

02 Software set-up

Shortly afterwards I will be activated, so you can develop feelings for m… uhm, sorry, I mean get a feel for me. Then, we can proceed with the set-up.

03 Interface set-up

I don’t need love, just data. My customer service will contact your PMS and IBE partners and take care of the data exchange.

04 Setting up all elements and workflows

Then comes the fine tuning. All the offer templates, images, texts and text blocks will be chosen and entered, processes discussed, and workflows set up.

05 Activation of features and modules

Abracadabra! From now on, I offer the same features as your current tool. My customer service will activate the additional modules, which make other sales softwares quite jealous. And we are already done with the set-up.

06 Training reception employees

During the set-up process, your reception staff was always in contact with my team. To finish it off, they will receive an in-depth training. Everyone can learn to handle me, you don’t even need an etiquette training for that.

07 Re:Guest goes live 

I am ready. Your employees are good to go. The transition is done. Congratulations, you are now ready for the smartest room seller on the hotelier planet!

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Re:Guest Sales Cycle®

My Sales Cycle has its own patent. Because there's one thing I can do better than others: I sell your guests your hotel services around the clock ⏰ and at every stage.

Frequently asked questions

Complicated? Not me! My team has compiled the most asked questions 🤔 about me and answered them for you.

The team

Like team, like software: The whole gang 👨🏼‍🔬 is racking their brains over my recipe for success.