Re:Guest makes your life easier

From the very first moment. And only Re:Guest offers you high sales and great fun in one unique package of success.

:Your benefits

We set up the most highly developed software for hoteliers free of charge. Put your feet up, and we’ll organise set-up, training and support for your launch based on your requirements.

Re:Guest is ready whenever you are. 

How does the switch happen?

Changing your offer software is a serious matter. Our service team consists of advisers, trainers and technical experts who will take care of every single detail for you when switching. We know what the problems are in sales and we offer you a tried-and-tested solution!

01 Taking stock

Each Re:Guest customer has their own way of working, their own software programs and their own interfaces. Our Customer Service team first takes stock, analyses the circumstances and then plans the next steps.

02 Software set-up

Re:Guest is then activated shortly afterwards so that you can get a feel for the software and we can continue the set-up together.

03 Interface set-up

Re:Guest needs data. Our Customer Service team gets in touch with your partners in the PSM or IBE area and takes care of data exchange set-up.

04 Setting up all elements and workflows

Then comes the fine tuning. All offer templates, images, texts and text blocks are defined and entered, processes discussed and workflows set up.

05 Activation of features and modules

Re:Guest now has the same range of functions as your current tool. Our Customer Service team activates additional modules, therefore completing set-up.

06 Training reception employees

During the set-up process, your reception staff are in constant contact with our Customer Service team. You then receive in-depth training from us.  

07 Re:Guest goes live 

Re:Guest has been set up. Your employees are good to go. The switch has happened. 
Congratulations: you’re now ready for high sales and great fun too!

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This is how you can improve room sales even more.

Benefits for management

Performance-based management is possible. Let the Re:Guest benefits sink in.

Benefits for employees

Reception work needs sensitivity and is varied and dynamic.Re:Guest supports you in every aspect and always brings you a specific benefit.

What’s needed in room sales?

Don’t miss out on opportunities. Use every trick in the book to persuade people and have fun doing it too. Selling has never been so easy!