Re:Guest release:

The #Winter20 release brings you a fresh look, hidden automation and a new form of intelligence that you can use every day. Look forward to an improved Re:Guest that is even easier to use.

New look.
New automation.
New intelligence.

Back office rebranding
Clarity & quick work

Back office rebranding

As a result of the relaunch of the logo and the new positioning (High sales. High fun.) the back office has been given a fresh, functional look. The daily working environment has been made even more intuitive, time-saving and fun for your reception staff.

  • New user interface for the back office 
  • Improved naming of the navigation points
  • Introduction of a clear menu and app-switchers to quickly switch between Re:Guest modules (sales, messenger, website)
  • Better usability by unifying colours, symbols and elements
  • Optimisation of the notification centre
New dashboards
Overview & time saving

New dashboards

Introducing a dashboard with three specific benefits for your employees:
  • Clear overview of all open tasks in one place
  • Direct entry to the open tasks
  • Graphical analysis of enquiry and booking data compared to the previous year
Guest profiling

New guest profiling

Introduction of new system-wide profiling topics (family, wellness, active, bike, golf, gourmet, hiking) as well as seasonal profiling (winter, summer etc.). These very important profilings now make it possible to:
  • profile every guest
  • assign the offer and selection templates to the profiling topics
  • start targeted marketing campaigns based on the guest profiling
  • create intelligent sales automation rules
  • target the guest with the right topic on the smart website
New sales automation
Virtual sales representatives

New sales automation

The new sales automation combines the collected data on booking behaviour with the new guest profiling and enables an automated guest response to generate more direct bookings. 

  • Daily automatic dissemination of targeted sales offers
  • Setting the rules for automated sales
  • Dashboard for controlling the daily planned actions and evaluating the sales results
Any hotel website can become smart
Guest journey

Every hotel website is becoming a smart website

The integration of the Re:Guest website messenger on the hotel website makes it smart. Integration is easy via a widget or API. 
  • Personal salutation of the guest
  • The guest data collected by ReGuest will be passed to the site for personalisation:
    • Personalised home page for returning guests
    • Pre-filled forms on the website 
    • Personalised display of room categories
    • Personalised display of offers