Meet me. The „new“ Re:Guest at the ‘Hotel Bolzano’.

17-20th October 2022

New color, new feature and tons of fun. Let's go!

“Yellow is the new pink. I am wearing yellow as of now!”

Hello there. I am Re:Guest and I’m wearing yellow as of late. You should totally come see me at the Hotel trade show at FieraMesse Bolzano. There, I will show you my newest feature, which I know you have been patiently waiting for. There’s even a pool and lots of Re:Bolla – and a free ticket for you. Let’s go!

Yellow is the new pink

When you spot me at the Hotel trade show, you’re going to be flabbergasted: Huh?! Yellow all around, and lots of balls and bubbles? Yup, my pink phase is over. And in Bolzano, the colon in my name is going to transform into a pool filled with balls, bottles full of sparkling Re:Bolla and a promise I am always keeping and renewing: As long as you have me, you are never going to have too many balls in the air at the reception desk. And that’s also thanks to a new feature of mine.

Auto Offer: That’s what you have been waiting for

Let me guess: The biggest “kick in the balls” of the season has been recruitment. Understandable, but not unsolvable. At the trade show I will present to you my newest feature. “Auto Offer” – the name says it all. You can use it to send automated offers to your clients – no need to have an extra employee taking care of it. I will tell you all the details on-site. So, pop in – it will be worth your while. Trust me.

Guessing game, popcorn and Re:Bolla

Anywhere I am, good fun is guaranteed. Selling rooms is serious enough. So, I thought that bringing a smile to your face would be just the right thing to do. And that smile is going to be brought about not only by the glass of Re:Bolla that I will offer you. If you have a good eye for balls, you can win a delicious prize at our guessing game! Fresh popcorn will broaden your smile even more and - needless to say - the whole Re:Guest gang will be present to answer any questions you might have about me.

But first: Snatch your free tickets!

Now all that’s missing is your trade show ticket. As my honored guest, it is obviously free for you, but mind you: There is limited supply! The best thing would be to secure your ticket right now via email or phone call . But first, some hard facts: The Hotel trade show will take place at the FieraMesse exhibition center in Bolzano, South Tyrol, from the 17th to the 20th of October 2022. You will find me at the yellow ball pool. It’s practically impossible to miss it, but just in case you do: It’s in hall CD, at the stand no. D24/58 -> that’s the way! See you there.
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