The Immediate Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There are two functions of Re:Guest that are supported by AI and are changing the hotel industry.

The first one is a writing assistant ✏️ that continuously creates, corrects, adapts, and translates texts around the clock, saving time and money. The second function is an intelligent HotelBot 💬 that automatically responds to guest messages.

Currently, over 1000 hoteliers 🏨 already use Re:Guest and can harness the potential of artificial intelligence.

The HotelBot that automatically responds to guests draws its information from reliable sources such as the hotel's website, digital concierge, and guest booking histories. This is what distinguishes Re:Guest's intelligent chat from traditional chatbots.

Re:Guest knows its guests well and can provide the intelligent AutoBot with all relevant information about bookings, cancellations, offers, guest travels, and guest preferences. After consulting its sources, the chat can precisely interpret the guest's intent and understand whether it's a booking or a request, enabling it to respond accurately and individually.

Re:Guest's artificial intelligence goes beyond mere responses; it proactively provides all relevant information for each guest request and anticipates possible questions, much like a human receptionist 👩‍💻. Furthermore, it uses the hotel's writing style to strengthen the hotel's brand.
The Immediate Impact of Artificial Intelligence
How far will artificial intelligence go?

Artificial intelligence 🧠 simplifies and enhances work at the reception but will never replace it. So far, AI has revolutionized communication in the hotel industry, especially in text creation and automatic chat responses.However, the future promises even more extensive innovations.

AI could influence pricing 💸, automate newsletter 📧 distribution and segmentation, and enable autonomous management of room and ancillary service bookings 🛏️ at all stages of the guest journey. Currently, there is no software that, with the help of artificial intelligence, performs autonomous actions to verify and confirm service availability, but this will become possible in the future.

The future is already here, and Re:Guest is already today the digital room seller for the hotel of the future.

In the hotel software sector, Re:Guest is at the forefront of digital solutions for the hotel of the future.It is aimed at hoteliers who want to stay up to date and offers the most advanced technology of our time. The sales software recognizes the revenue potential of rooms and ancillary services at all stages of the guest journey (before the stay, during the stay, and after the stay) and is committed to generating bookings.

With Re:Guest, compelling offers can be created, and the sale of ancillary services can be maximized using upselling features. Targeted newsletters are sent to strengthen customer loyalty. Additionally, you can chat with customers through Messenger and WhatsApp and leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence, thanks to the integration of ChatGPT 3.5.


The Hotelbot that answers
guests' questions on its own

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