Release #Autumn21:
the Newsletter revolution.

A new era begins

For decades, little has changed in the world of hotel Newsletters. Our Release #Autumn21 revolutionizes outmoded Newsletter marketing and clears the way for even more sales success. 
Release #Autumn21
Sales Campaigns: Newsletters that finally sell 

  • Sales focused
Everything about Sales Campaigns is geared towards sales. Contact lists already segmented by Re:Guest guarantee that Newsletters are only sent with the right content and at the right moment. In short, they are thoroughly personalized and therefore highly relevant. Moreover, you can send any number of Newsletters to any number of recipients – at no additional cost.

  • Multichannel 
Multicanality is another strong point of Re:Guest’s Sales Campaigns. Sending Newsletters is no longer only possible via e-mail, but also via WhatsApp, in full compliance with the GDPR. Your guests decide through which channel they want to be contacted. Thanks to a reliability certificate, the risk of spam is reduced to a minimum and automatic follow-ups significantly increase Newsletter open rates.

  • Conversational
Re:Guest Sales Campaigns advices you on how to structure and edit your Newsletters. Your guests are given the possibility to interact, to react to the Newsletter, to communicate or start a guided inquiry in Re:Guest Messenger. This means that you can directly track, measure and optimize the success of your Newsletter marketing. 

More news: text templates and everyday help   
Our Release #Autumn21 not only opens the door to a new Newsletter era. As always, it facilitates everyday reception work.
New text templates help against writer's blocks and are always available for your marketing, upselling, sales automation and many other actions. 
In addition, employees or work groups are color-coded for more clarity in everyday work and a more efficient handling of daily business.


We are starting a new Newsletter era full of (sales) benefits.


Learn more about the Release #Autumn21 and discover all the new features, functions and benefits.

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