Re:Guest Product Updates: march 2022

Continuous improvements to your Re:Guest

Re:Guest not only allows you to design and personalise your newsletters quickly and easily. The software also takes care of all the details around, making everyday tasks easier and improving your sales. Discover all the new features!

Sales Campaigns on the next level

Campaign overview in the dashboard
The statistics in the dashboard no longer refer to a single campaign or newsletter mailing. You can get an overview of the performance of all campaigns and compare them to each other. 
Newsletter unsubscription 
Re:Guest creates a list of all contacts who have unsubscribed from your newsletter. You can export this list to synchronise and update the status of your contacts in all communication channels.

Subscription form and double opt-in
An API or widget newsletter subscription form has been developed for your website. Re:Guest also takes care of the double opt-in: depending on the preferences of a contact, their status is updated, in full compliance with the GDPR. The double opt-in is available immediately and is easy to handle. Both for those who sign up with their email address and for those who sign up with their WhatsApp number.  

No spam risk
Re:Guest’s CSA certification reduces the risk of spam to a minimum. Not only for messages sent with Sales Campaigns, but for any messages sent via one of the Re:Guest modules (Offers, Upseller, Postseller, etc.). 

New profiling template 
An enrichment for your database: Sales Campaigns offers you a new profiling template. It automatically profiles guests based on their preferred holiday type, family status and dietary habits. When your guest clicks on a specific preference button (skier, wellness lover, vegan, etc.), Re:Guest assigns them a "tag" and adds it to the guest profile. 

Automatic translation
Automatic translation is now also available for Sales Campaigns. Newsletters and sales messages can be duplicated, translated and sent in just three clicks. 

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