Are your newsletters not selling?

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There are many reasons why hotel newsletters do not convert as well as hoteliers would like. But there is only one solution that solves them all: the right newsletter tool. With our free checklist, you will discover which crucial functions your newsletter tool is missing.

Checklist and self-test: download them now

Whatever gets in your way when it comes to newsletters: with the right newsletter tool you can avoid any obstacles and boost your turnover. Download our checklist, test your newsletter tool or find out which tool will take you to the next level of hotel sales.

Powerful newsletters: increase sales by up to 12 times

Do you think newsletters have no real sales potential? Maybe it is because the conversion rates of your newsletters have always let you down, because you don't have time to write a newsletter or maybe because you don't know how to create good content. The right newsletter tool will not only help you increase your sales by up to 12 times - our clients using Sales Campaigns have experienced this - but it will also solve all your other problems quickly and effectively. With a sophisticated newsletter tool, you can customise content automatically, build new newsletters quickly, avoid the risk of spam and even create good content with no effort.

3 good reasons why you should take the test

Still not convinced? With the help of our checklist you can find out why your newsletters do not sell. But here are 3 more good reasons:

  • Find out why hotel newsletters are still an effective communication and marketing tool and how you can use them to increase turnover
  • Find out if the level of your newsletter tool is in accordance with your business goals
  • We reveal which functions make a perfect hotel newsletter tool and how you can use it to become a real sales pro


One checklist. More direct bookings.

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