With me, your data stream flows smoothly 💃🏻. I connect happily and quickly with your hotel management program or your IBE. This way, you can import key data and information with just one click, saving time and energy.
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With me, you can set up interfaces with the most commonly used hotel management programs, in order to synchronize rates, offers, descriptions, content blocks, inquiries, cancellations, meal plans, additional services, and much more.


Man, how convenient. Through an interface with your internet booking machine you can synchronize all the data you need for your offers and sales.


Offering your guests more than they expect? Yup, we can do that! With me, you can set up interfaces that allow you to have an even more extensive digital guest experience. Thanks to those, you can provide your guests with information and emotion during their stay, and thereby retain their loyalty.


Whether you like it or not, Booking rules. In case you’re present on any online portals that support your room sales, I can connect to them as well.


Using my payment interfaces, your guests can pay their bill online comfortably on all devices and via all channels. In a secure, fast and flexible way.


An interface to a travel insurance provider can save you and your guest a lot of money. You protect yourself from unforeseen cancellations and offer a valuable additional service to your guest.

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This is how you can improve room sales even more.


Offers that make your heart 💓 beat faster: With me, every offer is tailor-made.


Selling more with no additional effort: It’s all possible with my Multi PreStay function, which suggests the right additional services 🧘🏻‍♀️ your guests even before their arrival.