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Your accumulated wealth of data allows Re:Guest Auto Selection to act on your behalf and contact guests who are ready to make a direct booking.

The time has come:
welcome your
virtual employees

The future is often closer than you think.
Re:Guest is already two steps ahead and is revolutionising room sales.
Booking behaviour
Booking behaviour

Finally use your wealth of data

Re:Guest saves your guests’ booking behaviour: request period, number of people, preferences, booking period, room selection and much more. The resulting profiles serve as a template to address guests in a targeted way and to encourage them to book with tailored incentives.

Automation logic

Sell based on clear rules

Re:Guest observes definable rules when contacting your guests directly. The many configuration options allow your virtual employee to improve the way it responds and integrate well into your reception team.
Control & Analyses

Visibly better - 
the dashboard proves it!

Your virtual employee doesn’t need a seat at reception, but does leave a trace everywhere it goes. Dashboards and reports show you measures already implemented and planned and successes and goals achieved, so that you can keep track. Re:Guest gives you performance, but also with control!

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This is how you can improve room sales even more.


Exciting offers: with Re:Guest, you’re creating each offer made-to-measure.


The offer determines your sales success. And so does communication with your guest.


Re:Guest carries out analyses of enquiries and bookings based on time period, creates guest profiles and can do much more.


Re:Guest Sales Automation