Exciting offers

With Re:Guest, you’re creating each offer made-to-measure. You are addressing your guests emotionally and personally, taking account of all of the information regarding their preferences. This captivates, convinces and helps to increase bookings.  

01 Love at first sight
The offer website

Love at first sight

Your offer is presented on a website that can be used perfectly on any end device. Multimedia content and personal design evoke feelings that make you want to book.
02 Irresistible
Emotional appeal

Hard to resist

Increase the desire to book by linking emotional appeal with tailored guest interests in the offer. Re:Guest offers predefined, emotive introductions to specific types of holiday, such as wellness, family or hiking. So you can prove that you know your guest, anticipate their needs and let them find exactly what they are looking for.

03 Always tailored

Personal style

Always tailored

Every guest is different, just like your offers with Re:Guest. Your guest is always addressed personally. All content can also be personalised easily and is always tailored to your  guest’s exact preferences. 

04 Personal
Reception staff

Show your face

Machine communication is not authentic, but Re:Guest Messenger is. Every receptionist can use it to show themselves in person and greet the guest with a ‘face-to-face’ photo. This comes across as friendly and creates familiarity and security. 

05 Unique selling points
Unique selling points

Emphasise your strengths

Re:Guest gives you freedom and opportunity to present yourself in the best possible way. Emphasise your strengths in the offer and use images, videos, different content blocks and customisable design elements to set the scene.

06 Rooms
Insights into a style of living

Set the scene for your rooms

Your guests are intrigued, but they don’t have much time. Offer them an exclusive insight into room selection, with extra large images, videos and 360° layouts that set the scene perfectly.

07 Offer options
Offer options

One offer, many options

There’s not always just one solution. The comprehensive and clear display of offer options in Re:Guest contributes greatly to your sales success.
08 Buying impulse to change things up
Motivational triggers

Buying impulse to change things up

Regardless of whether or not you sell a specific room, advertise a certain period or want to draw attention to an offer: motivational triggers attract attention and effectively encourage your guest to take action.  
08 Text blocks: there’s nothing faster
Text blocks

There’s nothing faster

You’ll never have to repeat yourself again with Re:Guest. There are predefined answers in several languages for e-mails and chat messages, which you can define yourself and insert in seconds.  

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Re:Guest features have been developed to resolve your guest’s day-to-day or back office problems.

MICE offers

There is a lot of potential in the MICE sector, which you can exploit to the full with Re:Guest.

How it works

More direct bookings: but how? Re:Guest links all the contact points with your guest so effectively that you will achieve a higher booking rate without having to do anything.